Didžiosios Kabiškės

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Didžiosios Kabiškės
Didžiosios Kabiškės is located in Lithuania
Didžiosios Kabiškės
Didžiosios Kabiškės
Location of Didžiosios Kabiškės
Coordinates: 54°52′20″N 25°27′10″E / 54.87222°N 25.45278°E / 54.87222; 25.45278Coordinates: 54°52′20″N 25°27′10″E / 54.87222°N 25.45278°E / 54.87222; 25.45278
Country  Lithuania
Ethnographic region Aukštaitija
County Vilnius County
Municipality Vilnius district municipality
Eldership Nemenčinė eldership
Population (2001)
 • Total 757
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Didžiosios Kabiškės (literally: Great Kabiškės) is a village in Vilnius district municipality, Lithuania. It is located about 24 km northeast of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. The nearest city is Nemenčinė. A smaller village, known as Mažosios Kabiškės (literally: Little Kabiškės), is located nearby. Didžiosios Kabiškės has a bi-lingual Lithuanian and Polish kindergarten and a primary school (reorganized into one institution in May 2009),[1] a postal office, and a library.

The village was chosen as the center for Zhdanov's kolkhoz (collective farm).[2] It was built between 1975 and 1980 by "Neris", one of the biggest farming complexes in the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. The complex exchanged stock-raising technologies with Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 1990 Lithuania declared independence and state's support the kolkhoz discontinued. These developments spurred village's growth: it had 51 residents in 1959, 84 in 1970, 360 in 1979, 488 in 1985.[2] According to the census in 2001, it had 757 residents.[3]


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