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Diddl is a German comic strip created by German artist Thomas Goletz in 1990.[1][2] Diddl is a white Jumping Mouse, with big ears[3] and large pink-soled feet[3] allowing him to jump large distances. Diddl and his friends are featured on various sorts of products such as stationery and collectibles, and also in a range of plush dolls and toys manufactured by Depesche.[4]

In Austria, Diddl was a highly popular cartoon character, together with its host of characters.[5]

List of characters[edit]

The series' characters reside in the fictional 'Cheesecakeland', where the soil, rocks and walls are made of cheese but otherwise seems very similar to Earth with deserts, rivers, and even a moon.

  • Diddl: Main character of the series.
  • Diddlina: Diddl's girlfriend, who is also a jumping mouse.
  • Mimihops: A fox rabbit and friend of Diddl.
  • Pimboli: A cuddly teddy bear and friend of Diddl.
  • Ackaturbo: A raven and friend of Diddl.
  • Bibombl: A setter and friend of Diddl.
  • Milimits: A tigertail kitten and friend of Diddl.
  • Tiplitaps: A turtle and friend of Diddl.
  • Wollywell & Vanillivi: Two angora goats and friends of Diddl.
  • Galupy: A horse and friend of Diddl.
  • The Frog Brothers: Three frogs, who are the antagonists in the series.
  • Simsaly: a fairy and friend of Diddlina; she also has a glow bee friend called Dimndamn

References and notes[edit]

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