Didem (belly dancer)

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Didem Kınalı
Born Didem Kınalı
(1986-06-06) June 6, 1986 (age 31)
Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Occupation Belly dancer and singer
Years active 2006–present
Website Official site

Didem Kınalı (born June 6, 1986) is a Turkish belly dancer and singer. She has been dancing since her childhood. She has gained some measure of international recognition since she started appearing on the live Turkish variety television programme called the İbo Show, hosted by İbrahim Tatlıses. She was brought up in Gaziosmanpaşa, and is of Romani descent, her mother emigrated from Thessaloniki, also a belly dancer, and her father emigrated from Yugoslavia, a drummer.[1]


Since mid-August 2011, Didem has returned to perform at Sultana's Dinner and 1001 Nights Show in Istanbul, an Ottoman dinner and show venue. She's also on the jury of a TV dance competition, called "Huysuzla Dans Eder Misin?", broadcast on Show TV.


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