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Didier Lefèvre

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Didier Lefèvre
Born19 December 1957
Died29 January 2007(2007-01-29) (aged 49)
Known forPhotography
Notable workThe Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders

Didier Lefèvre (1957–2007) was a French photojournalist.[1] His photos have appeared in many French magazines, including L'Express and Éditions Ouest France [fr].[2] He was best known for co-authoring with Emmanuel Guibert the book The Photographer, which told the story of his travels with a Médecins Sans Frontières mission during the Soviet–Afghan War.[3]

Lefèvre shot more than 4,000 photos on his 1986 MSF mission. He suffered from chronic furunculosis; he lost fourteen teeth after the MSF mission as a consequence of malnutrition, exhaustion, and stress from his experiences. Nonetheless, Lefèvre returned to Afghanistan seven more times later in life.[4]

Lefèvre was trained as a pharmacist.[5] He died from heart failure on 29 January 2007 at the age of 49.[1]



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