Dido Fontana

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Dido Fontana
Dido Fontana by Frankie Vaughan.JPG
Portrait of Dido Fontana
Nationality Italian
Known for Photography

Dido Fontana (born 1971) is an Italian photographer.

Life and work[edit]

Fontana was born in Mezzolombardo, north of Italy and spent much of his childhood in his father's photographic darkroom.

His works have been exhibited in art galleries worldwide, and he collaborates with magazines and web-zines such as Ginza,[1] Playboy,[2] Tissue,[3] and others.

In 2007 he won the “best snapshot” prize at the Pitti Immagine in Florence.[citation needed]

In 2014 one of his photographs was exhibited at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in the show The Art of Murder.[4]

Fontana's style has been defined as a bit raw, a bit scarred, and a bit anti-establishment. While his work may look spontaneous, every detail is carefully planned, resulting in an image with attention paid to every aspect from the lighting to the outfit.[5]


  • Didocentrico. Self-published/Blurb, 2010.
  • Perverdido
  • The Personal Trainer 3. Edition of 200 copies.
  • The Personal Trainer 4. Edition of 200 copies.


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