Didsbury Village Metrolink station

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Manchester metrolink logo.PNG Didsbury Village
Approaching Didsbury Village.jpg
An M5000 approaches Didsbury Village on the day the station opened to the public
Didsbury Village is located in Manchester_Metrolink
Didsbury Village
Didsbury Village
Location of Didsbury Village in Greater Manchester
Place Didsbury
Local authority Manchester
Coordinates 53°25′00″N 2°13′42″W / 53.4166°N 2.2284°W / 53.4166; -2.2284Coordinates: 53°25′00″N 2°13′42″W / 53.4166°N 2.2284°W / 53.4166; -2.2284
Grid reference SJ849910
Platforms 2
Fare zone information
Metrolink Zone D
Present status In operation
Opened 23 May 2013[1]
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Didsbury Village Metrolink station is a stop on the South Manchester Line (SML) of Greater Manchester's light-rail Metrolink system. Located in central Didsbury in south Manchester, England, the stop was built as part of Phase 3b of the network's expansion, and opened on 23 May 2013 on a section of the former Cheshire Lines Committee railway.[1]


Service pattern[edit]

  • 12 minute service to Deansgate-Castlefield with double trams in the peak
  • 12 minute service to East Didsbury with double trams in the peak

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East Didsbury – Deansgate-Castlefield Line
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Bury – East Didsbury Line
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