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Die, as a verb, refers to death, the cessation of life.

Die may also refer to:


  • Die, singular of dice, small throwable objects used for producing random numbers


Arts and media[edit]


  • Die (album), the seventh studio album by rapper Necro
  • Die (musician), Japanese musician, guitarist of the band Dir en grey
  • DJ Die, British DJ and musician with Reprazent
  • "DiE", 2013 single by the Japanese idol group BiS

Other uses in arts and media[edit]

  • Die (film), a 2010 Canadian-Italian thriller film written and directed by Dominic James and starring Elias Koteas and Emily Hampshire
  • D.I.E., a Hong Kong TV show
  • Die (comics), stylized DIE, a comic book by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans

Other uses[edit]

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