Návštěvníci (TV series)

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Návštevníci / The Visitors
Created by Ota Hofman
Jindřich Polák
Starring Josef Bláha
Josef Dvořák
Jirí Novotny
Dagmar Patrasová
Viktor Král
Dagmar Veškrnová
Eugen Jegorov
Klára Pollertová
Vlastimil Brodský
Country of origin Czechoslovakia
Original language(s) Czech
No. of episodes 15 + 1
Running time 30 min
Original network Czechoslovak Television
Original release 1983 – 1984

Návštěvníci (The Visitors) is a Czechoslovak sci-fi TV series filmed between 1981 and 1983 by Czech director Jindřich Polák. The 15 parts were co-produced with television-companies of the Federal Republic of Germany (West-Germany at that time), Switzerland and France. As an additional 16th part for Germany a "Making Of" was produced under the title "Besuch bei den Besuchern" (Visiting the Visitors). In West-Germany the series got the title Die Besucher (The Visitors), in the German Democratic Republic and Australia it was called Expedition Adam 84.


In the 25th century—more precisely, in the year 2484—people live in a peaceful world. Thus, mankind is horrified when CML (Central Brain of Mankind), the main supercomputer managing the fate of humankind and Earth, announces an upcoming disaster. It has spotted a huge space object on a collision course with Earth. The impact is unavoidable, and the prediction is that a significant part of the Earth will be destroyed.

But there is hope. Professor Filip, biographer of the greatest physicist ever, Adam Bernau, offers a plan to save mankind — a time travel to the past. Adam Bernau was a genius mathematician and physicist of the 20th and 21st centuries, and winner of the Nobel prize. In his memoirs, Bernau stated that in his childhood he wrote down in his notebook a short formula that would allow the moving of whole continents, worlds and planets. This can save the Earth.

Professor Filip selects a four-member team for the trip, and their expedition begins. The expedition plans to spend just a few hours in the past to save the formula from being burned by a fire in Adam Bernau's home, but something goes wrong, and they are forced to spend several weeks. In the end they realize that the so-called formula was just a juvenile imagination of Adam Bernau and they return to the future, taking with them the old Mr Drchlík, who has helped them much in the past. Mr Drchlík notices the Central Brain standing asymmetric and fixes this with a wooden wedge, and suddenly the Central Brain realizes an error in its calculation. The whole expedition had been moot.


The series has been released in several other European countries, including Hungary, Yugoslavia, Poland, Romania and Spain.


The soundtrack of the series was released in 1984 on LP Supraphon 1113 3473H, which also included the soundtrack of Létající Čestmír (1984), also composed by Karel Svoboda, a series with the German title Der fliegende Ferdinand (The Flying Ferdinand). The soundtrack was re-issued on CD by Czechoslovak Universal in 2004.

Gadgets and costumes were designed by Theodor Pištěk, later Oscar winner.

The widow of a real professor named Filip sued the creators of the series for alleged profanation of her husband's name. She won, and the main character had to be renamed Professor Richard.[1] This hurt the quality of the sound in the Czech version in the whole series.[citation needed] In the German versions the name was changed to "Philip" to avoid changing the dubbing.[citation needed]


Title English title Director Original airdate
Země roku 2484 The Earth in 2484 Jindřich Polák 1983
Výprava do minula Travel to the Past Jindřich Polák 1983
Návštěvníci přicházejí The Visitors are Coming Jindřich Polák 1983
Akce: sešit 1. Action: Exercise Book No. 1 Jindřich Polák 1983
Hlavně nenápadně Most Importantly - Act Discreetly Jindřich Polák 1983
Tajemství velkého učitele Secret of the Big Teacher Jindřich Polák 1983
Půlnoční kolotoč Midnight Carousel Jindřich Polák 1983
Génius v hladomorně Genius in the Dungeon Jindřich Polák 1983
Sólo pro Návštěvníky Solo for the Visitors Jindřich Polák 1983
Stav nouze Emergency state Jindřich Polák 1983
Stane se zítra Will Happen Tomorrow Jindřich Polák 1984
Peníze z hvězd Money From the Stars Jindřich Polák 1984
Prozrazení Disclosure Jindřich Polák 1984
Po nás potopa After Us the Deluge Jindřich Polák 1984
Návrat do budoucnosti Back to the Future Jindřich Polák 1984


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