Die Bienen – Tödliche Bedrohung

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Die Bienen — Tödliche Bedrohung
Die Bienen.jpg
Official Television Poster
Written by Nicole Bujard
Ulli Bujard
Frank Raki
Annette Simon
Directed by Michael Karen
Starring Janin Reinhardt
Stephan Luca
Sonja Kirchberger
Rolf Kanies
Theme music composer Siggi Müller
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
Producer(s) Hendrik Feil
Martin Kircher
Cinematography Jochen Stäblein
Editor(s) Stefan Essl
Running time 90 minutes
Production company(s) Wasabi Film
Distributor Sat 1
Original release
  • 16 October 2008 (2008-10-16)

Die Bienen — Tödliche Bedrohung (English title: Killer Bees) is a 2008 German television horror film directed by Michael Karen and stars Janin Reinhardt, Rolf Kanies and Sonja Kirchberger.[1]


When Karla brings her father Hans in Mallorca to a clinic because he was stung by a bee, it does not look good for him. The doctors want to find just a normal bee sting, what Karla does not consider it feasible. Together with the researcher Ben she gets down to find the true culprit — and finds oversized bees, which are also extremely aggressive. This new insect species is a major threat to thousands of people on the holiday island.


  • Janin Reinhardt as Karla Bergmann
  • Klaus J. Behrendt as Hans Bergmann
  • Stephan Luca as Ben Herzog
  • Rolf Kanies as Dr. Alvarez
  • Sonja Kirchberger as Susanna Bergmann
  • Paula Schramm as Maria Bergmann
  • Patrick von Blume as Dr. Salazar
  • Peter Benedict as Commissario Barocha
  • Daniela Eck as Touristin
  • Julian Bastida as Tierarzt
  • Silva Gonzales as Flaschenwerfer (Wirft Flasche auf 'Bienenboot')
  • Fabian Joest Passamonte as Polizist El Guardia Gomez
  • Sarah Runge as Freundin des Flaschenwerfers
  • Paco Colombàs as Hernán


The film was shot in only 23 Days in Mallorca.[2]


The film aired on 16 October 2008 as Television film on Sat 1.[3] In France was released on 1 October 2009 as direct-to-DVD project as L'Île des abeilles tueuses.[4] Killer Bees is set for an US DVD release in June 2010 over Maverick Entertainment.[5]


The score was composed by the Bavarian film composer Siggi Müller.[6]


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