Die Ermordung Cäsars

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Die Ermordung Cäsars, Op. 32, (The Murder of Caesar) is an opera in one act by Giselher Klebe who also wrote the libretto based on the translation by August Wilhelm von Schlegel of Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.[1]

It premiered on 20 September 1959 at the Grillo-Theater, Essen, with Gustav König conducting. It is dedicated to the German composer Wilhelm Maler (de).[2] The opera is scored for piccolo flute; soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones; contrabassoon; bass trumpet; tenor tuba; timpani; piano; cellos; double basses; several tapes. A performance takes about 50 minutes.


Time and Place: Ancient Rome, 15 March 44 BC (Ides of March)


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