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Die Kur
Die Kur Araneae Logo1.jpg
Die Kur Araneae Logo as appears in The Fall of The Empire album cover.
Background information
Origin London, UK
Genres Industrial metal, Industrial, Gothic, Heavy Metal, Post-Industrial, Electro-Industrial, Electronica, Rock, Noise, Punk, Avant-garde, Musique concrète
Years active 1995–present
Labels NMTCG Records, AWAL, Plastic Head
Associated acts Die Sorge, The Care, The Out Mind Zone, Captain DaFeira, Zygiella X-Notata, Nex Necis Machina, My Goth God Below

Die Kur is an industrial metal[1] band from London, UK. Formed in 1999 and with origins back in 1995 the band has released four official albums "From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)" (2005), "The Fall of The Empire" (2008), "ERA (Formicidae)" (2011),[2][3] [4] [5] and the fourth double album "Manifesto" released on 20 March 2015 comprising part 1 "Modern Society Manifesto" and part 2 "Songs of Freedom". The band is actively performing concerts[6]


Origins (1995 - 2000)[edit]

The band started as a duo project with Ays and Tony D. writing a few of music compositions and some electronic tunes. They performed the first concerts under the name of The Out Mind Zone in 1995. Continuous research and experiments with sound brought them to add guitars to their compositions and guitar player Max first, then bass player Joseph joined the project. The name then changed to The Care. The newly born band slowly evolved from an electronic sound to a more punk/rock sound and a first definitive band was formed with a lineup consisting of two guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and voice. Their live attitude along with composition not common for local rock metal band confined them into a world on their own.[7]

Early days (1999 - 2003)[edit]

Die Kur Official Logo

In 1999 the name was changed from The Care to Die Kur / Die Sorge then to the definitive Die Kur. The name was taken from a German book after a rave party in Rome. Ays chose the words and liked the double meaning as the name be read in German or pronounced in English. Sometimes the name was used with the English article "the" making it "The Die Kur" to accentuate this. Later the article was dropped leaving only Die Kur remaining.

At this stage Ays started working in a recording studio with the agreement he could use the studio in the after work hours to record his own material. The first recording coming was "The Night before The back of the vampire" an experiment in using all the new studio equipment as well as trying to adjust his composition skills to a professional recording studio. With a new album already written for The Care, Tony and Ays decided to drop The Care recordings and dedicate only to Die Kur. The first night in studio together they recorded "The Face of Evil", that, in fact, will become the first single for Die Kur. Followed by "Other but Reality" which featured Tony playing drums along synths and a sample taken from a German choir multitrack tape Ays was using to exercise with his mixing skills. Radio Detroit industrial broadcast the song and few more songs were recorded in the studio, including "David's Dream" and "4 (Pythagoras' Theme)". Although the full album "Stardust from a Cup of Tea" was recorded, the release was dropped. Instead they took the recording and made a remix of mostly the songs. "Kur•Fur•Stan•Damm" (sometimes spelled as "Kur•For•Stan•Damn") was born. This album as well as the next "Biomech Butterfly" never where officially released, although few singles were taken into consideration and handled to local Djs and radios. Only one live appearance happened during this period and the name used by the promotion was still The Care/Die Kur and mostly of the time was consumed in edit and changing songs as well as continuous problems within the band. Alberto then approached the band and his guitar sound gave a new wider vision to Die Kur, recording "Zero", "Suicide ^ Machine", "Attempt to Die". With him joining the band, they had the first live concert under the name of Die Kur at the Scorpion Club.

From Dark (Renaissance of Evil) - (2003 - 2007)[edit]

Again although lots of tunes were ready they never concluded in a full album. This situation was frustrating for the band itself which was overproducing music but never releasing. Then Ays started to compose something new. The new relocation in London (UK), alongside the new experience made him write three of the most important Die Kur songs: "Hell Machine" which will be the first From Dark (Renaissance of Evil) single and in the following two days "17 Seconds of Pure Pleasure", and "Nihilist Act". The following attempts of recording the songs were between many difficulties and eventually Ays met drummer Jenya who recorded all drums for "From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)" as well as becoming live drummer. As trio they performed the first live concert in London at the rock club Infinity and was a total success, distinguishing themselves as a very chaotic and energetic live band. The album was very well received but considered possibly only for a niche who loves their style of music.[8] Following the release of "From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)" the band again entered in a hard situations when Jenya had to leave the UK while they were writing down the ideas of what would later become their second album. Nearly three years passed without a live show and Alberto and Ays in the meantime were recording the album "The Fall of The Empire" as well as Ays was composing and recording a new industrial soundtrack for the movie Fritz Lang's Metropolis which featured "The Chemistry Steamer" and "Hell Machine" from "From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)" as well as remix of "The Entertainment System" and "Evolution/Revolution" a single from the then upcoming"The Fall of The Empire". Only when Brendan joined the band as drummer they started again to perform live concert.

The Fall of The Empire - Propaganda Tour (2008 - 2010)[edit]

"The Fall of The Empire" is the second studio album from Die Kur and it includes lots of previous recordings and idea. It was much anticipated but fans had to wait long before they could actually listen to it.[9] In 2009 the album saw the final mixdown and was released first on vinyl and digital release, then in 2010 in CD format under NMTCG label.[10] The first single "Saviour of Nothing" has been featured again in the CD cover of Powerplay Magazine,[11] and "The Fall of The Empire (Song)" is featured in Music Fusion compilation. Following "The Fall of The Empire" they released "Era: past and future meet." a song in mp3 format only available for download anticipating the new album. A new series of live concert was already played when drummer Esteban joined the current lineup.[12]

ERA (Formicidae) (2011-2012)[edit]

Die Kur's Formicidae Logo

On 8 October 2011, during a concert held at the alternative club Reptile in London Die Kur presented a new album entitled "ERA (Formicidae)" which featured 12 new songs among which a new single "New Era". The Album was well received and considered by some a more cohesive effort.

2012 - 2014: The Order of Things to Be / It Must Be (Destroyed)[edit]

In May 2012 Ays announced in an interview that Die Kur is currently working on a new album still unscheduled for release.[13] In October 2013 the band revealed an EP with songs that are currently performed live, although without title on the cover/CD the album was entitled "Manifesto EP" although the EP was later dropped by the label due to the face that only 3 of the 4 songs finished on the CD. The song "It Must Be (Destroyed)" has been featured on Terrorizer Magazine Cover CD while "The Order of Things to Be" has become a free download from Die Kur Official Website. [14] The Ep anticipated what will be Die Kur fourth full-length album.

2015 - Present: Manifesto / Beneath the Waves[edit]

"Manifesto", Die Kur long and awaited fourth double album was released on March 20, 2015 with a live concert. Composed of two parts "Modern Society Manifesto" and "Songs of Freedom", the release features 32 songs and has been critically acclaimed by press and alternative radios as a great release for the band.[15] With the first single to be extracted being "Conceptualising the War Machine". The album was preceded by an EP two years before, with two main singles "It Must Be (Destroyed)" and "The Order of Things to be" which will be included in the final release, alongside the unique track "Circle Thinking" which won't be included in the final version of the album. The album is characterised by many elements of Avant-garde music together with Metal and Industrial and Ays in an interview declared he saw the album as a form of composition of Musique Concrète.[16]

2017 Saw the release of Beneath The Waves a completely new single which is over 12 minutes long, the song has been praised for his composition and evolution and gained popularity thanks to numerous independent radio plays. The song was released a free download and is available in physical format on Record Store Day on 22 April worldwide.


Studio albums

List of Singles

  • Hell Machine (2003)
  • Nihilist Act (2003)
  • 17 Seconds of Pure Pleasure (2004)
  • A Postcard from Infers (2004)
  • The Renaissance of Evil (2005)
  • Diamond Disease (2006)
  • The Chemistry Steamer (2006)
  • Under the Empire of the Sun to Follow (2007)
  • Empyrean Hymn (2008)
  • Evolution/Revolution (2008)
  • Attack Pheromone (2010)
  • Hymenoptera (2011)
  • New Era (2011)
  • Forging Araneae (2012)
  • It Must Be (Destroyed) (2013)
  • The Order of Things to be (2013)
  • With Us / Against Us (2014)
  • Conceptualising the War Machine (2015)
  • The Leader of Zeros (2015)
  • Servants of the Netherworld (2016)
  • Beneath the Waves (2017)

From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)[edit]

Artist: Die Kur

Album: From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)

Year: 2006

Label: NMTCG

Tracks: 17

Track listing:

1."Initiation Rite"Die KurDie Kur2:36
2."The Entertainment System"Die KurDie Kur5:13
3."Nihilist Act"Die KurDie Kur3:36
4."Hell Machine"Die KurDie Kur5:20
5."17 Seconds of Pure Pleasure"Die KurDie Kur3:37
6."Hardcore Pornography"Die KurDie Kur6:57
7."The Becoming"Die KurDie Kur2:48
8."The Renaissance of Evil"Die KurDie Kur3:26
9."Sensation of Pain - Umbilical Word, Umbilical Cord,"Die KurDie Kur6:25
10."Umbilical Death"Die KurDie Kur6:06
11."Suicide ^ Paradise"Die KurDie Kur3:35
12."A Postcard from Infers"Die KurDie Kur3:18
13."Diamond Disease"Die KurDie Kur2:45
14."Darkest Humor"Die KurDie Kur3:37
15."Perverse Passion"Die KurDie Kur3:53
16."The Chemistry Steamer"Die KurDie Kur3:39
17."VIXI (on Moonlight) - The Damnation"Die KurDie Kur5:46
Total length:1:12:26

The Fall of The Empire[edit]

Artist: Die Kur

Album: The Fall of The Empire

Year: 2009

Label: NMTCG

Tracks: 14

Track listing:

1."Empyrean Hymn"Die KurDie Kur7:49
2."Under The Empire of The Sun To Follow"Die KurDie Kur7:26
3."The Industrial Feeling"Die KurDie Kur5:22
4."The Black March of The Empire"Die KurDie Kur5:36
5."Empire of Demise"Die KurDie Kur9:13
6."Power Behind"Die KurDie Kur1:13
7."The Fall of The Empire"Die KurDie Kur5:46
8."Я (Confession about Myself)"Die KurDie Kur5::34
9."The After"Die KurDie Kur4:43
10."Saviour of Nothing (God of Destruction)"Die KurDie Kur5:02
11."Following The Leader"Die KurDie Kur6:48
12."Evolution/Revolution - зволюция/революция"Die KurDie Kur4:41
13."Ode"Die KurDie Kur1:16
14."Fields"Die KurDie Kur8:43
15."Fallen Empire"Die KurDie Kur0:44
Total length:1:19:52

ERA (Formicidae)[edit]

Artist: Die Kur

Album: ERA (Formicidae)

Year: 2011

Label: NMTCG

Tracks: 12

Track listing:

1."360°"Die KurDie Kur1:30
2."Hymenoptera"Die KurDie Kur5:28
3."Attack Pheromone"Die KurDie Kur3:44
4."Four Rules Of Hate"Die KurDie Kur3:05
5."New Era"Die KurDie Kur3:06
6."And If You Believed..."Die KurDie Kur4:56
7."A Fallen Angel"Die KurDie Kur3:38
8."(Meeting) The Gatherer"Die KurDie Kur5:16
9."Enemy Of The World"Die KurDie Kur4:38
10."The Dawn Of The New Day"Die KurDie Kur3:31
11."Neo Romantic Fetish Song"Die KurDie Kur4:10
12."Forging Araneae"Die KurDie Kur11:08
Total length:54:03

Manifesto EP[edit]

Artist: Die Kur

EP: Manifesto Year: 2013

Label: NMTCG

Tracks: 3(+1)

Manifesto EP artwork

Track listing:

1."It Must Be (Destroyed)"Die KurDie Kur3:09
2."The Order of Things to be"Die KurDie Kur3:58
3."Circle Thinking"Die KurDie Kur0:42
4."(Phantom intro)"Die KurDie Kur1:11


Album: Manifesto

Artist: Die Kur

Year: 2015

Label: NMTCG

Tracks: 32 Discs: 2

Manifesto Part 1: Modern Society Manifesto

Track listing:

1."Composing a Manifesto"Die KurDie Kur2:24
2."In The Kindergarden with Adolf (Modern Society)"Die KurDie Kur4:06
3."Top Ten Reasons"Die KurDie Kur7:46
4."Slaves of The Empire"Die KurDie Kur8:44
5."Antiphon"Die KurDie Kur1:20
6."It Must Be (Destroyed)"Die KurDie Kur3:07
7."Rise to The Power"Die KurDie Kur6:39
8."The Order of Things to Be"Die KurDie Kur3:51
9."The Greatest Hymn"Die KurDie Kur2:46
10."The Layer"Die KurDie Kur4:23
11."Is This?"Die KurDie Kur4:52
12."The Leader of Zeros"Die KurDie Kur5:50
13."With Us / Against Us"Die KurDie Kur2:44
14."M2"Die KurDie Kur1:01
15."M (Coup d’État)"Die KurDie Kur3:57
16."Manifesto of My Generation"Die KurDie Kur3:33
Total length:1:07:04

Manifesto Part 2: Songs of Freedom

Track listing:

1."Conceptualising The War Machine"Die KurDie Kur4:42
2."Servants of the Netherworld"Die KurDie Kur3:15
3."My Thorn Walk"Die KurDie Kur4:04
4."Propaganda Illusion"Die KurDie Kur3:35
5."Bye Bye Empire"Die KurDie Kur6:24
6."Nothing Beyond"Die KurDie Kur6:13
7."D.D.T."Die KurDie Kur2:51
8."M-Theory"Die KurDie Kur1:00
9."Under The Layer: The Order of The Scorpion"Die KurDie Kur7:16
10."About Communism"Die KurDie Kur7:36
11."Pirates of The Sea of Tranquillity"Die KurDie Kur4:20
12."Radio Waves"Die KurDie Kur2:09
13."We Are the Aliens"Die KurDie Kur5:24
14."Memories of a Fallen Empire"Die KurDie Kur2:09
15."Another Battle Ahead"Die KurDie Kur3:39
16."October (Oктября)"Die KurDie Kur3:35
Total length:1:07:54

Beneath the Waves[edit]

Artist: Die Kur

Type: Single

Year: 2017

Label: NMTCG

Tracks: 1

Track listing:

1."Beneath the Waves"Die KurDie Kur12:26
2."Beneath the Waves (Radio Edit)"Die KurDie Kur3:56


External links[edit]

  • Die Kur Official website [1]
  • Die Kur Official Facebook Page [2]
  • NMTCG website [3]