Die Räuber (opera)

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Die Räuber, op.25, (The Robbers) is an opera in four acts by Giselher Klebe who also wrote the libretto based on the play by Friedrich Schiller.

It premiered on 3 June 1957 at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf. It is dedicated to the memory of Giuseppe Verdi. It was written between 1951 and 1956, and revised in 1961/1962.


  • The old Count von Moor (bass)
  • Karl and Franz, his sons (dramatic tenor, character baritone)
  • Amalia von Edelreich, old Moor's niece (dramatic soprano)
  • Hermann, a nobleman (lyric tenor)
  • Schweizer, a libertine, later a robber (character bass)
  • A Monk (contralto)
  • Daniel, an old servant (lyric tenor)
  • The libertines, later robbers; voices (backstage)

Time and Place: Germany in the middle of the 18th century

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