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Die Trip Computer Die are a British underground rock trio led by noise decomposer/ video artist Lepke Buchwater (Milk from Cheltenham) with Xentos 'Fray' Bentos (also known as L. Voag, Pete the Drummer, Dr. Shagnasty and 'Bubbles' in the Beyoncé fan club, formerly of The Homosexuals) and Ted Barrow. inventor of various ur-instruments, most notably 'The Baxtertron' which was an electronic 'black box' constructed inside a recently vacated Ferrero Rocher box.

The band has endured the apathy of the London experimental music community, despite which they have retained an authentic and some would say omnifarious sound. The band's first release, on the Alcohol label was the notorious Stadium Death, of which the outstanding track was the indeterminate anti-war anthem "Headless". The track is narrated by a young hero, lying in a Vietnam ditch, having been severed by a gigantic Communist spoon. Buchwater's next outing "We are your friends", with a bonus track utilising Christopher Hitchen's prose, was a deliberately low key shopping mall album predominantly composed of misfeasant soundtracks. A reviewer for the The Wire magazine described the music as having been made by 'Pod People', a clear reference to the classic cold war sci-fi chiller Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Die Trip's third release was entitled Die Like a Rock and Buchwater produced an album fueled by a deliberately trite song form which enforced the underbelly of the Rock in the kindest manner available. The new work featured turgid layers of circuit bending overlaying blatantly ripped off music loops (The Tubes, Neu!, Alice Cooper), processed to sound wearily contemporary. Buchwater is currently overseeing the production of a short black and white super 8 movie to showcase his band's exemplary lack of direction.

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