Die Zombiejäger

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Die Zombiejäger
Die Zombiejäger.jpg
Swedish cover.
Directed by Jonas Wolcher
Produced by Jonas Wolcher
Magnus Hedqvist
Written by Jonas Wolcher
Petter Hörberg
Starring Martin Brisshäll
Nick Holmquist
Christian van Caine
Margareta Strand
Music by Sturm Café
Dark Funeral
Project X
Red Cell
Release dates
Running time
90 min.
Language English
Budget €4000

Die Zombiejäger is a Swedish exploitation film from 2005. A prequel called Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer was released in 2010.


  • Nick Holmquist - Dieter Höss
  • Martin Brisshäll - Heinrich Rummel
  • Christian van Caine - Ivo Reinharth
  • Margareta Strand - Ewa Weiss
  • Erich Silva - The Zombie Master
  • Aldo Cunei - Claudio Dragonetti
  • Mads Koudal - Knut
  • Helena Karlsson - Ingela Karlsson
  • Andreas Andersson - Roger
  • Yohanna Idha - Magdalena Forsmark
  • Jonas Lübeck - Hans Buttgeritz, Yellow Zombie
  • Peter Lihnell - Goon 1
  • Mathias Engman - Goon 2
  • Maud Sjögren - Britt Samuelsson
  • Hyse Gashi - The Mayor of Gothenburg
  • Göran Sjögren - Police Officer #1
  • Simon Thalén - Kenneth
  • Emperor Magus Caligula - The Necrophiliac
  • Julia Skinnars - Girl in shower
  • Christian Kinell - The Scout
  • Petter Hörberg - The 80:s man and Doctor
  • Andreas J. Wimmer - Brown Reporter
  • Magnus Hedqvist - Klaus Morgenstern and Henrik Andersson
  • Peter Ahl - Zombie
  • Johan Bjärsborn - Zombie
  • Enes Crnalic - Zombie
  • Mikael Pettersson - Zombie
  • Janne Skip Sandin - Zombie
  • Jesper M. Sjöberg - Police officer
  • George Svensson - Neckripping zombie
  • Adam Thorp - SWAT

Plot summary[edit]

During a time in the near future, Gothenburg has been invaded by zombies. The police are powerless and a team of German zombie hunters are called in to solve the problem and clean up the city and find out what is causing the zombie epidemic. On their way through the streets of Gothenburg, they run into several obstacles. For example, they come across an Italian assassin and some Swedish reporters on the wrong side of the barricades.


Over 21 bands contributed to the soundtrack, among them Dark Funeral and Sturm Café. Sturm Café's song "Die Zombiejäger" was written for the film and is used as a main theme throughout the movie. "Godhate" by Dark Funeral is played in the opening credits and "Related Skin" by Red Cell is played during the final battle and over the closing credits. Aardia wrote the original score. A soundtrack was released featuring several of the more prominent songs. There were some controversy when it turned out the producers did not have the right to release the songs on a soundtrack CD.[citation needed] Wolcher was not prosecuted however.

  1. "Theme from Die Zombiejäger" - Sturm Café
  2. "Godhate" - Dark Funeral
  3. "Hans' Theme" - Aardia
  4. "Related Skin" - Red Cell
  5. "The Mayor's Theme" - Aardia
  6. "Realm of Fear" - Aardia
  7. "Call To Arms" - Aardia
  8. "Walking Dead" - Digital Dreamers
  9. "Master" - Interlace
  10. "Infected" - Project-X
  11. "Thus I Have Spoken" - Dark Funeral
  12. "All the Terror You Can Eat" - Grate
  13. "Patrol 17" - Dismember
  14. "Fairy Tales From Beyond" - Aardia
  15. "Necropolis" - DDR
  16. "The Wandering" - Aardia


This film has been released as a double feature DVD with the Swedish slasher Murder Island. The two other versions are a regular release from Swedish horror distributor Sick Films and a three-disc special edition.r

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