Die große Liebe (1931 film)

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Die große Liebe
Die große Liebe (1931 film).jpg
Film poster
Directed by Otto Preminger
Produced by Philipp Hamber (Allianz Film GmbH)
Written by Artur Berger
Siegfried Bernfeld
Starring Attila Hörbiger
Hansi Niese
Music by Walter Landauer
Cinematography Hans Theyer
Edited by Paul Falkenberg
Distributed by Süd-Film
Release date
December 21, 1931
Running time
76 minutes
Country Austria
Language German

Die große Liebe (The Great Love) is a 1931 Austrian drama film directed by Otto Preminger, the first of his career. The screenplay by Artur Berger and Siegfried Bernfeld is based on a true story.


Ten years after the end of World War I, Austrian soldier Franz leaves Russia and returns to his village, where he is reunited with Frieda, a woman who believes he is her long-lost son.


Shortly after directing the legal melodrama Voruntersuch (Preliminary Inquiry) for Max Reinhardt's Theater in der Josefstadt, Otto Preminger was approached by industrialist Heinrich Haas, who had an interest in the burgeoning Austrian film industry and thought Preminger might be interested in directing for the screen. Although Preminger knew nothing about filmmaking and had little passion for the medium, he decided to accept the assignment to keep busy during the summer, when the theater was closed. He cast Attila Hörbiger from the Josefstadt company and Viennese musical comedy star Hansi Niese in the lead roles and managed to elicit from them an acting style better suited to the screen than stage. The film was produced by Philipp Hamber, at the time owner of Allianz Film GmbH.[1][2] Although the film, which opened at the Emperor Theater in Vienna on December 21, 1931, was a critical and commercial success, in later years Preminger described it as a juvenile folly he preferred to forget.[3][4]


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