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Birth name Dieter Kovačič
Born 1973 (age 44–45)
Origin Vienna, Austria
Genres Experimental Music, Noise Music
Instruments Turntables, Computer
Years active 1995-current
Labels Charhizma, Mego , For4Ears, Erstwhile Records
Website http://dieb13.klingt.org

Dieb13 is the performing name of Dieter Kovačič, a Viennese-based avant-garde musician. He has also performed under the names Takeshi Fumimoto, Echelon, Dieter Bohlen, and dieb14. After appearing on several compilations documenting the burgeoning Viennese avant-garde scene of the late 1990s, he released his first solo album in 2000.[1] He has gone on to perform in a number of collaborations with other notable performers, including Burkhard Stangl, erikm, Mats Gustafsson and the John Butcher Group.


Solo Works[edit]

  • trick17 12" colored vinyl (Corvo 2013)
  • t-series, 13 hand-cut LPs (2013)
  • u-series 2008, a series of unique 7" vinyl flexi-disks (2008)
  • Dieb13 vs. Takeshi Fumimoto, 12" vinyl picture disc (Mego, June 2005)
  • Restructuring (Charhizma, 2000)


  • "Scuba" - with Angélica Castelló, Billy Roisz and Burkhard Stangl, (Mikroton Recordings, 2014)
  • (fake) the facts - with Martin Siewert and Mats Gustafsson (editions mego 2011)
  • Jazz på Svenska - with Swedish azz (Not Two, 2010)
  • Somethingtobesaid - with John Butcher Group (2009)
  • (c)haos (ɔ)lub - with erikM (Erstwhile, 2007)
  • Condenser - with Tomas Korber and erikM (Absurd, 2005)
  • Zirkadia - with Tomas Korber and Jason Kahn (1.8 Sec Records, 2005)
  • Eh - with Burkhard Stangl (Erstwhile, 2002)
  • Streaming - with Günter Müller and Jason Kahn (For4ears, 2002)
  • just in case you are bored. so are we. - with Martin Siewert and Pure (Doc, 2002)
  • grain - with efzeg (durian 2000)


  • Klingt.org: 10 Jahre Bessere Farben, 2CDs (Mikroton Recordings, 2009)
  • Turntable Solos (Amoebic 1999)


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