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Diego Fuentes & Ben Affleck

Diego Fuentes (full name: Diego Antonio Fuentes Lopez) is a Canadian actor of Chilean descent and Toronto socialite. He was MuchMusic's first ever VJ Search winner in 1995, going on to host the popular Clip Trip show on MuchMusic's sister station, MuchMoreMusic.

He has an extensive resume of film, TV, and stage performances. Most notably, he portrayed the character of Natividad Vacio in the 2007 film Hollywoodland.

He was a resident DJ on "Terrible Tuesdays" at the then popular Queenshead Pub in Toronto, ON from 2003-2005. While originally performing as 'Diego Fuentes', he adopted the moniker "Mexico 2000" to the delight of his fans.

He is a known advocate for customer rights in fast food restaurants and taxi services in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as a staunch supporter of water conservation. He enjoys roller skating.

In 2011, he appeared in the Drive One Series commercials of Ford Cars coining the catchy phrase "Who wants to stop for gas? I don't."

On Saturday May 12, 2012, Fuentes was lead skip of a local curling team that went on to win the Gabby's 2012 annual Bonspiel held at the High Park Curling Club. He reminded his team members that he won OFSAA with his high school curling team just before making the final shot to seal the tournament victory. The team completed the tournament with 4 wins, 0 losses and 0 ties.



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