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Diego Guzmán de Haros (1566 – 21 January, 1631) was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church from 1629 to 1631.


Diego Guzmán de Haros was born in Ocaña in 1566.[1] He was educated at the University of Salamanca, completing doctorates in theology and law.[2]

After he was ordained as a priest, he became chaplain of the Discalced Franciscans in Madrid.[2] In 1608, he became a royal chaplain in the household of Philip III of Spain.[2] He became a member of the Supreme Council of the Spanish Inquisition in August 1613. He also became a canon in the cathedral chapter of Cathedral of Toledo.[2] The king also named him preceptor for his daughters the infantas Maria Anna of Spain.[2]

He was named Patriarch of the West Indies on March 14, 1616 and Titular Archbishop of Tyre on April 18, 1616.[1] He was subsequently consecrated as a bishop.[2] On June 30, 1620, Pope Paul V named him Commissary Apostolic of the Bull of the Crusade he issued that year.[2] He was appointed Archbishop of Seville on September 15, 1625.[1]

Pope Urban VIII created him a cardinal in pectore in the consistory held on November 19, 1629.[2] His appointment was published in the consistory of July 15, 1630.[2] In early 1631, he traveled to the Kingdom of Hungary to accompany his former pupil Maria Anna of Spain to her wedding with Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor.[2] On his way home, he was to travel to Rome to receive the galero from the pope, but he died before that could happen, in Ancona, on January 21, 1631.[2] He was initially buried in the Jesuit church in Ancona, and his remains were later returned to Madrid.[2]

Episcopal succession[edit]

Guzmán de Haros was the principal consecrator of:[1]


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