Diego Manuel Chamorro

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Diego Manuel Chamorro
Diego Manuel Carazo.jpg
President of Nicaragua
In office
1 January 1921 – 12 October 1923
Vice President Bartolomé Martínez
Preceded by Emiliano Chamorro Vargas
Succeeded by Rosendo Chamorro
Personal details
Born (1861-08-09)August 9, 1861
Died (1923-10-12)October 12, 1923

Diego Manuel Chamorro Bolaños (August 9, 1861[1] Nandaime – October 12, 1923 Managua) was the President of Nicaragua between 1 January 1921 and 12 October 1923. He belonged to the Conservative Party of Nicaragua and was a member of the politically powerful Chamorro family. His father was Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Alfaro.

Don Diego was elected President of Nicaragua in 1921, following his nephew Emiliano in that office. During his presidency, he crushed an invasion by rebels from Honduras and initiated an agreement between himself and the presidents of Honduras and El Salvador to prevent such invasions in the future. He also signed the Treaty of Peace and Friendship among the Central American countries.

President Diego Manuel Chamorro died in office in 1923.

He was married to his twice cousin Dolores Bolaños Chamorro and had 5 daughters and 3 sons:

  • Carmen Chamorro Bolaños, married to Clarence A. Burgheim
  • Celina Chamorro Bolaños, never married
  • Diego Manuel Chamorro Bolaños, married to Caridad Mora Urtecho
  • Anibal Chamorro Bolaños, married
  • Gustavo Chamorro Bolaños, never married
  • Luz Chamorro Bolaños, married to Miguel Vigil Lejarza
  • Matilde Chamorro Bolaños, never married
  • Mercedes Chamorro Bolaños, married to her and his twice cousin Fernando Chamorro Chamorro, and had:
    • Edmundo Chamorro Chamorro, married to Blanca Rappaccioli y Asenjo, of Italian paternal descent, and had:
      • Edmundo Chamorro Rappaccioli
      • Roberto Chamorro Rappaccioli
      • Silvio Chamorro Rappaccioli
      • Fernando Chamorro Rappaccioli
      • Emiliano Chamorro Rappaccioli
      • Melba Chamorro Rappaccioli
      • Gretchen Chamorro Rappaccioli
      • Blanca Chamorro Rappaccioli

Diego Manuel Chamorro Bolaños had a son with Isabel Garnier (french), Lieutenant Abelino Chamorro Garnier married to Esther Eva Piñan, and had 6 children:

  • 1) Carmen Chamorro Eva married to Jose Jesus Espinosa Garcia had one son:
      • Jose Edgar Espinosa Chamorro married to Ileana Hidaldo Herrera and have 9 children:
      • Martha C Espinosa Hidalgo, married Leonidas Felipe Abaunza Hunter, 4 children:
        • Leonidas Felipe Abaunza Espinosa,
        • Vanessa Maria Abaunza Espinosa,
        • Alejandro Jesus Abaunza Espinosa,
        • Christian Jose Abaunza Espinosa.
      • Edgar Jose Espinosa Hidalgo, married Lourdes Madriz fornos, 4 children:
        • Edgar Jose Espinosa Madriz,
        • Alejandra Espinosa Madriz,
        • Marcelo Espinosa Madriz,
        • Lourdes Karina Espinosa Madriz.
      • Arturo Enrique Espinosa Hidalgo, married Fresia Arguello Tellería, 2 children:
        • Arturo Espinosa Arguello,
        • Fresia Alessandra Espinosa Arguello.
      • Mario Alberto Espinosa Hidalgo, married Nina Tellería Gurdian, 4 children:
        • Nina Maria Espinosa Tellería,
        • Marcela Espinosa Tellería,
        • Mario Espinosa Tellería,
        • Elissa Espinosa Tellería.
      • Marco Antonio Espinosa Hidalgo, married Karelia Montealegre Icaza, 4 children:
        • Karelia Espinosa Montealegre,
        • Kassandra Espinosa Montealegre,
        • Katherine Espinosa Montealegre
      • Fransisco Javier Espinosa Hidalgo, married Lucinda Montenegro, 2 children:
        • Francisco andres Espinosa Montenegro,
        • Lucinda Christina Espinosa Montenegro,
      • Ricardo Jose Espinosa Hidalgo, married Ada Francis Duque-Estrada Gomez, 2 children:
        • Ricardo Andres Espinosa Duque-Estrada
        • Eduardo Espinosa Duque-Estrada
      • Enrique Jesus Espinosa Hidalgo, married Carolina Morales (Venezuelan), 2 children:
        • Sofia Espinosa Morales
        • Camilla Espinosa Morales
      • Ileana Maria Espinosa Hidalgo, married Erik Christianson (American), 3 children:
        • Natalia Bianca Christianson Espinosa
        • Cianna Christianson Espinosa
        • Evan Christianson Espinosa
  • 2) Eva chamorro Eva married to Henry Meyer (Swiss), no children.
  • 3) Alba chamorro Eva, never married.
  • 4) Luis Chamorro Eva married to Graciela Marin Arcia and had 4 children:
      • Jose Luis Chamorro Marin,
      • Carlos Chamorro Marin,
      • Edgar Chamorro Marin,
      • Roberto Chamorro Marin.
  • 5) Alejandro Chamorro Eva married to Amalia Zamora Zamora had 4 children:
      • Alejandro Chamorro Zamora,
      • Arturo Chamorro Zamora
      • Maria Esther Chamorro Zamora,
      • Amalia Chamorro Zamora.
  • 6) Anita chamorro Eva, married to Arthur Kessler (American), had 4 children:
      • Blanch Kessler
      • Teresita Kessler
      • Maureen Kessler
      • Raymond Kessler
Political offices
Preceded by
Emiliano Chamorro
President of Nicaragua
Succeeded by
Rosendo Chamorro


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