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Diego Masi (Cremona, 11 February 1947) is an Italian entrepreneur and politician, deputy during the XII and XIII legislatures.

Loyalist of Mariotto Segni, he overlooked the political scene during the elections of 1994 as a member of the Segni Pact. He was elected in the proportional share for the small center party. He pursued the opposition to the Berlusconi government positions from the center and subsequently, with the Pact, he was promoter of the alliance of center-left The Olive Tree. In 1995 it was candidate for President of the Lombardy Region supported by the whole center-left (excluding PRC) against the candidate of the center-right, Roberto Formigoni. He was defeated by collecting about 28% of the Lombard votes.

During the elections of 1996 he was elected by the majoritarian system in the constituency of Castiglione, under the coalition of The Olive Tree as a member of the Dini List - Italian Renewal, which was merged with The Pact. He became leader of the Italian Renewal in the Chamber of Deputies. During the term, however, he departed from the movement of Dini and approached UDR reconstituting with 2 other members (Giuseppe Bicocchi and Elisa Pozza Tasca) the subgroup of The Pact inside of the Mixed group (with the name "Pact-UDR-Liberal"). In the D'Alema government he was appointed Undersecretary of the Interior. But soon he distanced himself from the center and the Government and adhered to the Pole of Freedoms, joining the group of Forza Italia.

Member of Labor Committee, among its initiatives he included those for reform of workers relationships and placement, and those for the reform of the rules concerning the legal status of foreigners.