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Dientzenhofer is the name of a family of German architects, who were among the leading builders in Bohemian and German Baroque.



Other Dientzenhofer[edit]

  • Wolfgang Dinzenhofer (1678-1747) from Plankenhäusel in Au near Aibling, did probably learn at another Wolfgang Dientzenhofer in Amberg, according to documents of the local Salesian monastery. Afterwards, he built several churches in Oberbayern, in Götting, Kirchdorf bei Nußdorf am Inn, Flintsbach etc.
  • Christoph Dinzenhofer (1681-1722 in Prague) from Pfraundorf, was a cousin of the architect brothers, and also constructor
  • In 1631, an Abraham Dintzenhofer is recorded in the "Preßburger Bücher des ehrsamen Handwerks der Maurer- und Steinmetzen", the records of the constructor guild in Bratislava


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