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Diaeresis (dieresis, diæresis, diëresis) may refer to:

  • Diaeresis (prosody), pronunciation of vowels in a diphthong separately, or the division made in a line of poetry when the end of a foot coincides with the end of a word
  • Diaeresis (linguistics), or hiatus, the separation of adjacent vowels into syllables, not separated by a consonant or pause and not merged into a diphthong
  • Diaeresis (diacritic), a diacritic consisting of two side-by-side dots that marks disyllabicity
  • Diaeresis (computing), the name used by the Unicode Consortium for the "two-dots above" diacritic

See also[edit]

  • Two dots (diacritic), the "two side-by-side dots" diacritic, often called a "Diaeresis", despite its having further linguistic uses, such as umlaut and schwa.
  • Diairesis, a term in Platonic and Stoic philosophy, the division of a genus into its parts