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For the DJ, see Dieselboy.
Diesel Boy
Origin Santa Rosa, California
Genres Punk rock
Pop punk
Skate punk
Years active 1993–2002, 2011–present
Labels Honest Don's Records
Website Diesel Boy's official Facebook page
Diesel Boy's official MySpace page
Members Diesel Dave
Justin Werth
Greg Hensley
Geoff Lackey
Past members Mike Schaus
Jeff Francis

Diesel Boy is a pop-punk rock band from Santa Rosa, California.[1] They were formed in 1993, were active until 2002, and became active again in 2011. They have a 7" on Fat Wreck Chords, 4 full-length albums released on Honest Don's Records and a split EP with the band Divit[2] that was released on Coldfront Records.

According to Last.fm, Diesel Boy's most popular tracks are "Titty Twister", "Looks That Kill" (Mötley Crüe cover), "She's My Queen" and "Stroking My Cat".[3]


The band was formed in summer 1993, and soon after the world was introduced to their clever use of puns with their 7" release on Fat Wreck Chords, aptly titled Strap On 7. Cock Rock would be their debut full length, released on Honest Don's Records, a partner label of Fat Wreck Chords, for which Diesel Boy was the flagship band. Their second album, Venus Envy (1998), marked the departure of drummer and original member, Mike (Baump) Schaus. Geoff (Lackey) Arcuri formerly of the Florida band Shyster joined Diesel Boy in late 1998. Ryan Greene produced all 4 albums.

The band toured relentlessly from 1995 to 2002. It is estimated that they played in 40 of the 50 U.S. states, every province in Canada (where it is arguable that the band enjoyed its biggest following), Europe for three times, and Australia. During this time they played with the likes of, but not limited to, No Use for a Name, NOFX, Good Riddance, The Vandals, Strung Out, SNFU, Gob, The Goober Patrol,[4] The Ataris, Satanic Surfers, and The Sugar Hill Gang.

Strung Out took them on their first U.S./Canada tour which followed the buzz created by appearance of the band's instant classic "Titty Twister", on the Fat Records compilation Survival of the Fattest.

In 2001, following their last album, the band unofficially split up, because "things just got wound down".[5] They played their last concert in 2002.

In 2006, the band suddenly created a MySpace page, and later in 2009 a Facebook page. In October 2010, the band reunited. On July 18, 2011, it was officially announced that the band will write a new album.[6]

In 2015 the band cancelled their appearance at groezrock festival with no explanation. [7]

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Studio albums[edit]

Cock Rock (1996)[edit]

Cock Rock
Studio album by Diesel Boy
Released September 10, 1996
Recorded 1995
No. Title Length
1. "Saving The World" 2:35
2. "Lime Green" 1:54
3. "3's & 4's" 2:21
4. "Punk Rock 101" 1:46
5. "Happy Street" 3:40
6. "Damaged" 2:36
7. "Bossa Nova" 1:56
8. "Titty Twister" 1:52
9. "True Drew" 2:31
10. "Andy Stern" 1:57
11. "Fooligan" 2:45
12. "Groovy Chick" 4:34
13. "Real Life In The Big City" 1:20

Venus Envy (1998)[edit]

Venus Envy
Studio album by Diesel Boy
Released February 10, 1998
Recorded September 1997 at Motor Studios, San Francisco, California
No. Title Length
1. "Cock Rock"  
2. "Sleepy Soliloquy"  
3. "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"  
4. "Schmoozaphisus The Great"  
5. "Rubbing The Elf"  
6. "Song For The Kids"  
7. "Adria's Warhol"  
8. "All The Mayors Of Roadsville"  
9. "Endless Summer Days"  
10. "The Continuing Misadventures Of Generation X Superhero Slackerman"  
11. "Cooler Than You"  
12. "Punk Rock 201"  
13. "Fiona's Apple"  
14. "Dragonfly"  

Sofa King Cool (1999)[edit]

Sofa King Cool
Studio album by Diesel Boy
Released May 18, 1999
Recorded February 1999 at Motor Studios, San Francisco, California
No. Title Length
1. "Melanie Banks Where Can You Be?" 2:31
2. "She's My Queen" 2:16
3. "Drink It Down" 1:52
4. "Scheherazade" 0:55
5. "A Thousand Cigarettes" 2:51
6. "From The Used Bin" 3:01
7. "Punk Rock Girl" 2:28
8. "All About The Abes" 2:20
9. "C'Mon" 0:44
10. "Voyeurotica" 2:18
11. "A Literary Love Song" 2:54
12. "Chin Music" 2:44
13. "Shining Star" 3:20
14. "Dear John" 2:47
15. "Scheherazade (Reprise)" 0:59

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet (2001)[edit]

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet
Studio album by Diesel Boy
Released February 20, 2001
Recorded 2000
No. Title Length
1. "Big Sparkling New"  
2. "Emo Boy"  
3. "Dog on the Tuckerbox"  
4. "About a Girl Who Don't Want Me"  
5. "65"  
6. "Pocket Full of Stars"  
7. "Stroking My Cat"  
8. "Rock Anthem"  
9. "Alison's Starting to Happen"  
10. "Three States Away"  
11. "Warm Beds, Cold Winters"  
12. "Waltz of the Disappearing Girl"  
13. "Tangled Up and Blew"  
14. "Me and Kate"  
15. "Babbling Drunk Chick/Fellatio Song"  


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