Diesel Loco Shed, Mhow

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Diesel Loco Shed, Mhow
Location 22°19′30″N 75°27′41″E / 22.3251°N 75.4614°E / 22.3251; 75.4614Coordinates: 22°19′30″N 75°27′41″E / 22.3251°N 75.4614°E / 22.3251; 75.4614
Owner(s) Indian Railways
Operator(s) Western Railway
Type Engine shed
Rolling stock YDM-4
Routes served Akola–Ratlam Rail Line

Mhow Diesel Loco Shed is a Meter-Gauge engine shed located in Mhow, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located to south of Mhow railway station, it falls under the Ratlam railway division of Western Railway. It is the smallest of the three locomotive sheds in the Western Railway zone.[1][2][3]


When Loco Shed started 40 YDM-4s were transferred from other MG sheds to restart Loco Shed as Mhow was a steam shed till the 1998 when the steam service was withdrawn at time shed has capacity to hold hundred steam locomotives. Locos now service the isolated MG section from Akola to Indore. Currently it is home 18 YDM-4 locomotives.[4][5]





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