Diesel Loco Shed, Vatva

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Diesel Loco Shed, Vatva
LocationVatva, Gujarat
Owner(s)Indian Railways
Operator(s)Western Railway zone
Depot code(s)VTAS
TypeEngine shed
Rolling stockWDM3D, WDG 3A, WDM 3A, WDS6 and WDS4B
Opened9 November 1981; 37 years ago (1981-11-09)

Diesel Loco Shed, Vatva is a engine shed located in Vatva, Gujarat in India. It is located north-east of Vatva falling under Ahmedabad railway division. The shed caters to the need of freight as well as passenger trains.[1][2][3][4]

Of the three loco sheds in the Western Railway zone, others are Ratlam and Sabarmati .[5]


It was established on 11 November 1981 with capacity holding of 15 locomotives, but currently it holds around 126 locomotives, WDM3D, WDG3A, WDM3A, WDS6 and WDS4B class. It received its first locomotive, a WDM 2, from Diesel Loco Shed, Ratlamn.[citation needed]

Major and minor schedules of Diesel Locomotives are carried out in the shed. The shed is ISO: ISO 9002:1994, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 certified.[citation needed]

Rolling stock[edit]

The shed homes about 140 diesel locomotives of varied types, which are its primary rolling stock of the shed.

Types of Locos maintained and their HP & holdings[edit]

SN Type of Loco HP Holding
1. WDS6 2600 10
2. WDG 3A 3100 64
3. WDM 3A 29
4. WDM 3D 3300 15
5. WDS4B 4500 15

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