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Dieter Kunzelmann (born 1939[1]) is a German left-wing activist. In the early 1960s he was a member of the Situationist-inspired artists' group Gruppe SPUR.[2] He was one of the founders of Kommune 1 in 1967.[3] At the end of the 1960s he was one of the leaders of the Tupamaros West-Berlin, which carried out bombings and arsons.[4] He was arrested in July 1970 and served five years in prison for those activities.[5] From 1983 to 1985 he served in the Berlin state parliament as a member of the Alternative List[1][6] (now Alliance '90/The Greens). In 1997 he was sentenced to a year in prison for throwing an egg at the mayor of Berlin, Eberhard Diepgen.[7] He went into hiding for two years, reappearing to serve his sentence in 1999.


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