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This article is about Bangladeshi Music Band. For the legume, see Different Touch.
Different Touch
Origin Khulna, Bangladesh
Genres Pop rock, Soft rock, Blues
Years active 1985–1999, 2013-
  • Mejbah (Vocals, Lyrics, Tune)
  • Pial
  • Polash
  • Tanvir
  • Nayan
Past members
  • Ali Ahmed Babu
  • Tutul
  • Tasmin

Different Touch were a Bangladeshi band in the late 1980s and early 1990s, originating from Khulna.[1][2] Different Touch performed soft rock and blues and were known for songs such as Drishti pradip, Sraboner megh and Mon ki je chay. The band, however, became inactive in the late 1990s when three members of the band went abroad permanently and vocalist Misbah took over his family business in Khulna following his father’s death.[3] Different Touch made a comeback in 2013, 16 years after the release of its third album titled Proshno in 1997. The title of the upcoming fourth album has not yet been finalised, but recording of most of the 10 songs have been completed, said the vocalist and band leader Misbah Rahman, widely known simply as Misbah.[4]


The current members are:

  • Mejbah (Vocals, Lyrics, Tune)
  • Pial (Bass Guitar, Vocal, Lyrics, Tune)
  • Polash (Guitar)
  • Tanvir (Drums)
  • Nayan (Keyboard)

Former members are:

  • Ali Ahmed Babu (Vocal, Lead Guitar) (Also ex-member of Orbit)
  • Tutul (Keyboards)
  • Tasmin (Lead Guitar)


  • Different Touch 1st Part (1987)
  • Shajano Prithibi সাজানো পৃথিবী (1993)
  • Proshno প্রশ্ন (1997)
  • Sraboner Megh শ্রাবনের মেঘ (2012)


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