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Diffuser can refer to any device that diffuses in some manner such as:

  • Diffuser (acoustics), a device that scatters reflections of sound across frequencies
  • In aerodynamics
  • Diffuser (breathing set part), a device fitted over an underwater breathing set's exhaust orifice to break up the gas outflow into smaller bubbles to reduce noise or make the bubble pattern at the surface less noticeable.
  • Diffuser (heat), a cooking item that can be placed above a stove heating element or burner to separate the cooking utensil from the heat source
  • Diffuser (hair), a blowdryer attachment or one-piece device that diffuses heat as it dries the hair
  • Diffuser (optics), a device that diffuses or spreads out or scatters light in some manner
  • Diffuser (sewage), an aerating device for sewage and industrial waste water treatments; a membrane with fine pores, through which fine bubbles are generated by the supply of air through blowers
  • Diffuser (thermodynamics), a device that controls the characteristics of a fluid at the entrance to a thermodynamic open system
  • Diffusion filter, a specific optical diffuser used in photography
  • Aroma lamp also known as Diffuser, is used to diffuse essential oils in the surroundings.
  • In encryption a diffuser is a data-mixing function.[1]

Diffuser may also refer to:

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