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Diffuser may refer to:


Other uses[edit]

  • Sound diffuser, a device that scatters reflections of sound across frequencies
  • Diffuser (band), a punk rock band from New York, U.S.
  • Diffuser (breathing set part), a device fitted over an underwater breathing set's exhaust orifice to break up the gas outflow
  • Diffuser (hair), a blowdryer attachment that diffuses heat as it dries the hair
  • Diffuser (heat), a cooking item that is placed above a heating element to separate the cooking utensil from the heat source
  • Diffuser (optics), a device that spreads out or scatters light
  • Diffuser (sewage), an aerating device for sewage and industrial waste water treatments
  • Diffuser (thermodynamics), a device that controls the characteristics of a fluid at the entrance to a thermodynamic open system
  • Aroma lamp (sometimes called an aromatherapy diffuser or reed diffuser), used to disperse essential oils into the surroundings
  • Diffuser.fm, website by Townsquare Media

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