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Sandy & Junior
Sandy Leah Lima e Durval de Lima Júnior.jpg
Sandy and Junior in 2004.
Background information
Origin Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Genres Poppop rockteen popbubblegum pop (early)
Years active 1990–2007
Labels Polygram (1991-1998)
Universal (1999-2007)
Members Sandy
Junior Lima

Sandy & Junior was a Brazilian pop music duo consisting of siblings Sandy Leah Lima (born January 28, 1983) and her brother Durval de Lima Junior (born April 11, 1984). They first gained notoriety by being the children of Xororó from popular country duo Chitãozinho & Xororó. Sandy & Junior began by singing children's songs and country-influenced tracks (their first single, "Maria Chiquinha", is a classic country song). Once they reached adolescence, they changed their style to pop-influenced songs, mainly ballads and upbeat songs.

They had a self-titled weekly television series between 1999 and 2002 on Rede Globo and released the movie Acquaria in 2003; Sandy also starred in the soap opera Estrela Guia (Globo) in 2001. Earlier, they had appeared in Renato Aragão movie O Noviço Rebelde, in 1997. On April 17, 2007 Sandy & Junior announced that an MTV Unplugged album to be recorded in May 2007 would be their final work together, through a video posted on their website addressed to their fans and in a press conference, stating also that their career as a duo would be over at the end of 2007. Both have experienced solo work: Junior moved on to being the drummer of alternative rock band Nove Mil Anjos (which also featured former Charlie Brown Jr. member Champignon on bass guitar); Sandy, on the other hand, took a couple of years off to finish her bachelor's degree in Portuguese/English and marry long-time beau Lucas Lima, who not only happened to share her last name, but is also a well-known classical/pop musician, composer and head of the musical group Família Lima.

In 2009, Junior took on the artistic name of Junior Lima and started a series of guest appearances on the concerts of Crossover Live, created by DJ Julio Torres and Amon Lima, (also from Família Lima and Lucas Lima's brother). The Crossover Live project plays on night clubs mixing classical music from a live violin and electronic music from a DJ. The guest appearances turned into yet another branch of the already alternative project, called Dexterz.

Junior is currently touring both South and North Americas with Dexterz, and taking on occasional jobs as a music producer and/or director. In 2010, Sandy released her first solo album, "Manuscrito", which was produced by husband Lucas Lima and brother Junior Lima. She co-wrote every single track and is now touring the country. The album was certified platinum in Brazil and reached number four in the ABPD official albuns chart.

Their 17 years of career has granted them partnerships with several national and international artists, such as Xuxa, Roberto Carlos, Milton Nascimento, Laura Pausini, Toquinho, Gilberto Gil, Ivete Sangalo, Enrique Iglesias and Andrea Bocelli, and more than 17 million albums sold around the globe, making them the ninth best selling Brazilian artists of all time.


According to their record company, those are their accomplishment during their 17 years together as a duo[1]

  • 15 albums released
  • Over 20 million albums sold [2]
  • Over 30 chart-topping hits
  • 6 DVDs
  • 63 award nominations
  • Over 1.600 concerts in Brazil and worldwide
  • 8 huge tours
  • Over 32 million tickets sold
  • First local acts to sell out Maracanã
  • Over 300 licensed products
  • 1.300 fan clubs
  • Over 120,000 fans associated to their official fan club
  • 5 seasons of their sitcom in Rede Globo
  • 2 theatrical movies
  • 1 soap opera
  • Over 500 appearances on TV shows
  • 20 Gold Certifications (for over 250.000 copies sold)
  • 28 Platinum Certifications (for over 600.000 copies sold)
  • 8 Diamond Certifications (for over 2,5 million copies sold)



Year Title
1991 Aniversário do Tatu
1992 Sábado a Noite
1993 Tô Ligado Em Você
1994 Pra Dançar Com Você
1995 Você é D+
1996 Dig-Dig-Joy
1997 Sonho Azul
1998 Era Uma Vez (Ao Vivo)
1999 As Quatro Estações
2000 Todas As Estações - Remixes
2000 As Quatro Estações - O Show
2001 Sandy e Junior
2002 Internacional
2002 Ao Vivo no Maracanã/Internacional Extras (CD+DVD)
2003 Identidade
2006 Sandy e Junior
2007 Acústico MTV


Year Single
1991 Maria Chiquinha
1991 Aniversário do Tatu
1991 Casamento Natural
1992 Sábado À Noite
1992 Abra A Porta, Mariquinha
1992 Vamos Construir (With - Chitãozinho & Xororó)
1993 Tô Ligado Em Você
1993 Splish Splash
1993 Primeiro Amor
1994 Com Você
1994 Nascemos Pra Cantar
1994 Criança Esperança
1995 O Universo Precisa de Vocês (Power Rangers)
1995 Rap do Aniversário (With - Xuxa)
1995 Vai Ter Que Rebolar
1996 Não Ter
1996 Dig-Dig-Joy
1996 Etc... E Tal
1996 Férias de Julho
1997 Inesquecível
1997 Beijo É Bom
1997 Eu Acho Que Pirei
1997 Era Uma Vez... (With - Toquinho)
1998 Em Cada Sonho
1998 No Fundo Do Coração
1999 Imortal
1999 Aprender A Amar
1999 As Quatro Estações
2000 You're My #1 (With Enrique Iglesias)
2000 A Lenda
2000 Olha O Que O Amor Me Faz
2000 Enrosca
2001 O Amor Faz
2001 A Gente Dá Certo
2001 Quando Você Passa (Turu Turu)
2002 Love Never Fails
2002 Words Are Not Enough
2002 Convence Al Corazón (Single in Spain, Latin America)
2002 Super-Herói (Não É Fácil)
2002 Nada É Por Acaso
2002 Cai A Chuva
2003 Encanto
2003 Desperdiçou
2003 Você Pra Sempre (Inveja)
2004 Nada Vai Me Sufocar
2006 Replay
2006 Estranho Jeito de Amar
2006 Discutível Perfeição
2006 Tudo Pra Você
2007 Abri Os Olhos
2007 A Lenda (Acoustic)

Extra singles[edit]

Year Single
1997 "Vivo por Ela" (Sandy Leah With Andrea Bocelli)
1998 "Era uma vez" (With Toquinho)
2000 "You're My Number One" (With Enrique Iglesias)
2003 "Bang Bang (You're The One)"
2004 "Vida De Marola"

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