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Digbeth Branch Canal (BCN)
Aston Junction, Aston locks (8) Birmingham and Fazeley Canal
Start of Digbeth Branch Canal
Love Lane
Lister Street
Footbridge (Heneage Street)
Ashtead Top Lock
Ashtead Tunnel, A47 road (Jennens Road)
Belmont Row
Curzon Street
Ashtead Bottom Lock
Curzon Street railway station, dismantled railway line
West Coast Main Railway Line (Proof House Rail Junction)
Birmingham Proof House
Typhoo Basin, Digbeth (Proof House) Junction
Banana warehouse, Warwick Bar stop lock
Fellows Moreton Clayton warehouse
Granville Wharf (The Bond, Ice House)
Aqueduct over River Rea
Disused railway viaduct
Great Barr Street
End of Digbeth Branch Canal
Bordesley Junction, Grand Union Canal (to Salford Junction)
Grand Union Canal (to Warwick), Camp Hill Locks (6)
Aston Junction. The Digbeth Branch Canal begins, top right.
Locks on the Digbeth Branch
Proof House Junction
The Warwick Bar stop lock and Banana Warehouse
Bordesley Junction

The Digbeth Branch Canal in Birmingham, England is a short canal which links the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal at Aston Junction and the Grand Union Canal at Digbeth Junction (or historically, at the adjacent Warwick Bar) in Digbeth, a district in Birmingham, England.

Built under the Birmingham Canal Act 1768 and completed in 1799 the Digbeth Branch of the Birmingham Canal Navigations took traffic from the Birmingham and Warwick Junction Canal and the Warwick and Birmingham Canal (now both part of the Grand Union Canal) towards the Worcester and Birmingham Canal at the Worcester Bar (Gas Street Basin).

The 1¼ mile long canal has six locks leading down from Aston Junction. It passes through a grade II listed tunnel at the east of Curzon Street railway station (originally carrying the main lines from it) and under the viaduct of today's eastbound railway line from New Street station. It then originally met the Birmingham and Warwick Junction Canal at the Warwick Bar stop lock just to the rear of Birmingham Proof House, at which there is a short branch to the Typhoo Basin. The junction is called Digbeth Junction or Proof House Junction. It has a total fall of 40 feet.

All of the canal between Ashted Lock at Jennens Road (formerly the A47) and Great Barr Street (Bordesley) is within the Warwick Bar Conservation Area.


Point Coordinates
Aston Junction 52°29′25″N 1°53′19″W / 52.49020°N 1.88850°W / 52.49020; -1.88850 (Aston Junction)
Ashted Lock 52°29′10″N 1°53′02″W / 52.48625°N 1.88401°W / 52.48625; -1.88401 (Ashted Lock)
Ashted tunnel North portal 52°28′55″N 1°52′55″W / 52.48187°N 1.88191°W / 52.48187; -1.88191 (Ashted tunnel North portal)
Ashted tunnel South portal 52°28′51″N 1°52′59″W / 52.48080°N 1.88295°W / 52.48080; -1.88295 (Ashted tunnel South portal)
Railway viaduct 52°28′51″N 1°53′04″W / 52.48082°N 1.88451°W / 52.48082; -1.88451 (Railway viaduct)
Proof House Junction 52°28′49″N 1°53′03″W / 52.48028°N 1.88411°W / 52.48028; -1.88411 (Proof House Junction)
Warwick Bar 52°28′47″N 1°53′00″W / 52.47985°N 1.88338°W / 52.47985; -1.88338 (Warwick Bar)
River Rea 52°28′44″N 1°52′55″W / 52.47897°N 1.88192°W / 52.47897; -1.88192 (River Rea)
Great Barr Street 52°28′40″N 1°52′48″W / 52.47783°N 1.87996°W / 52.47783; -1.87996 (Great Barr Street)
Bordesley Junction 52°28′32″N 1°52′38″W / 52.47565°N 1.87719°W / 52.47565; -1.87719 (Bordesley Junction)

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