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Digby John Howard Tantam (born 15 March 1948) is a British psychiatrist and Professor of Psychotherapy.[1] He is currently Clinical Professor of Psychotherapy at the University of Sheffield; Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Sheffield Care Trust; and a partner at Dilemma Consultancy Ltd. His main research interests are social and emotional wellbeing, emotional contagion, nonverbal communication, applied philosophy, and autism spectrum disorders.[2]


Tantam was educated at Rokeby School and St Paul's School in London then Oxford University, with doctorates from London and Harvard Universities.

He has been providing a clinical service for people with autistic spectrum disorders since 1980, when he was awarded a training fellowship from the Medical Research Council (United Kingdom) to study Asperger syndrome. He created the Sheffield Asperger Assessment Service in 1995 when he moved to Sheffield from the University of Warwick, where he had been appointed to the first chair in psychotherapy in the UK.

He has authored 70 refereed publications, 32 book chapters, 36 other publications, 7 websites, 5 videotapes, and 9 books (1 translated into Polish, Japanese, and Arabic).

He is married to Professor Emmy van Deurzen.



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