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Diggerland Logo.png
Diggerland UK logo
Slogan "Buckets of Fun for everyone"
Location England Castleford, West Yorkshire
England Cullompton, Devon
England Evesham, Worcestershire
England Langley Park, Durham
England Strood, Kent
United States West Berlin, New Jersey
Owner Hugh Edeleanu (Founder)
Opened April 2000
Total 18 different themed rides
Website www.diggerland.com
Diggerland in Devon

Diggerland is the name of theme parks inspired by diggers and JCBs. There are four theme parks in England, and a fifth in the United States. Diggerland is part of the H.E Services Group and Allsafety Limited.


There are four Diggerland theme parks in the United Kingdom located in Strood in Kent, Cullompton in Devon, Langley Park in Durham, and Castleford in West Yorkshire. In 2015 it was announced that Diggerland would open their fifth UK park in Evesham, Worcestershire.[1][2][3]

Diggerland had a temporary park in Dubai during the summer of 2005. Their 2006 plan to expand to Richmond, Virginia in the United States was stalled out by the Great Recession [4]

Diggerland expanded into the United States and opened a park in West Berlin, New Jersey in 2014.[5][6]


Racing events happen between March and October, because they need to be completed in daylight hours. Dumper racing is held on a monthly basis.

Diggerland also has a team, The Dancing Diggers, which operates every other year and features large diggers doing stunts. In 2008, they performed at several county fairs, including the Kent County Fair and the Great Yorkshire Show.

Rides and Drives[edit]

Name Picture Required Height
Dig-a-Round Dig-a-Round.jpeg 80 cm
Go-Karts Go-Karts.jpeg 80 cm
Mini Tractors Mini Tractors.jpeg 100 cm
Diggerland Train Diggerland Train.jpeg 80 cm
Buried Treasure BuriedTreasure.jpeg 80 cm
Dippy Ducks Dippy Ducks.jpeg 80 cm
Dirt Diggers Dirt Diggers.jpeg 90 cm
Dumper Trucks Dumper Trucks.jpeg 90 cm
Giant Diggers Giant Diggers.jpeg 90 cm
Groundshuttle Groundshuttle.jpeg 100 cm
JCB Rides/Drives JCB at Diggerland.jpeg 90 cm
Joyrider JOYRIDER.JPG 80 cm
Safari Land rover side view.JPG 80 cm
Robots Robots at Diggerland.jpeg 90 cm
Skittles Jb0345.jpg 80 cm
Spindizzy Jb0067.jpg 100 cm
Skyshuttle Skyshuttle-Wave(2).jpg 80 cm
Mini Landrovers Mini Landrover.jpeg 90 cm


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