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Screenshot digi.png
Type of site
Online newspaper
Available in Norwegian
Owner Teknisk Ukeblad Media
Website digi.no
Alexa rank Negative increase 37,631 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial Yes
Launched 1996

Digi.no is a Norwegian online newspaper covering news within information technology and telecommunications. It is published in Oslo by Teknisk Ukeblad Media.[2] The publication has four journalists. The editor in chief is Marius Jørgenrud. When Digi was founded in August 1996 it was the first pure online newspaper in Europe.[3]

In 2000 the site changed its name to digitoday.no, and was planning to establish a news service in other Nordic and European countries.[4] The first subsidiary, digitoday.fi, was established in Finland. In 2001, Telenor purchased the company[5] and cancelled the internationalisation effort. The subsidiary in Finland was sold to its employees, and digitoday.no got back its old name digi.no.


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