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Digipass 270 token provided by HSBC.

Digipass is a brand name for a security token and other authentication products and services from Vasco Data Security International. This product family provides strong user authentication and digital signature products and services for Internet security applications and transactions.

Digipass is compatible with more than fifty international vendors for a variety of e-commerce, banking, networking, and government applications.

It uses time and/or challenge-based two-factor authentication and can be used to sign electronic transactions.

Digipass products fall into six types:[1]

  • Single-button Digipass
  • e-signature Digipass with multiple buttons for PIN entry and data input (e.g. challenge or transaction information)
  • Software Digipass on mobile telephones, portable devices or PCs.
  • Embedded Digipass (e.g. Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT)[2] and Option Cloudkey[3])
  • Card reader Digipass, which combines secret values, stored on smart cards, with algorithms pre-programmed into the card reader
  • PKI Digipass for strong authentication and digital signature (using public key infrastructure certificates and keys)

The Digipass Go 6 device provides secure login authentication to players of MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XI.[4] HSBC and Cortal Consors in some countries use Digipass devices to authenticate access to customers' online banking accounts.


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