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October 2009 issue
EditorRobert Sovereign-Smith
Publisher9.9 Media
First issueJune 2001
Company9.9 Media
Based inMumbai, Delhi

Digit is an Indian technology media publisher magazine and a website owned by 9.9 Media. According to the last Indian Readership Survey results that mentioned it[1] (IRS 2011 Q1) it has a readership of about 230,000.[2][1] The IRS surveys have shown Digit to be the most read technology magazine in India,[3] higher than the combined readership of its peers. It is circulated in India officially, but also reaches Nepal, Sri Lanka, Oman, Dubai, and some other countries through unofficial channels. It was started in 2001 by Jasubhai Digital Media Pvt. Ltd, a company that was later acquired by 9.9 Media in 2007.[4]

Each issue of Digit includes a magazine, one or two dual-layer DVDs called alpha and omega, a mini-book called Fast Track, a gaming supplement called SKOAR! and a poster. Fast Track is an in-depth reference guide on any given sub-topic of information technology, such as web publishing and open source software, or a product, such as Photoshop. The Fast Track series are aimed as an introductory guide to a topic.

There are three special issues every year: Anniversary Special (June), Diwali Shopping Special (October), and Collector's Edition (December). Each of these issues hosts additional content, contests, and digital media besides the regular contents of the magazine package.

Digit has recently launched Digit TV. One of the DVDs in the October 2009 issue of Digit was dedicated to Digit TV, and it featured a Video Buying Guide.[5] Digit TV has since been shifted to Digit's YouTube Channel [6]

In 2013, Digit introduced a supplement to the magazine named DGT. It focuses on lifestyle technology rather than mainstream technology. This has now been moved into the main Digit magazine as a section and replaced with a SKOAR! supplement.

On May 30, 2014, Digit's website www.thinkdigit.com got a new address - www.digit.in. On the occasion of the magazine's 13th anniversary, Digit sported a brand new avatar and boasted of responsive design for its website with some added features in the form of "Digit Rewards".

The Digit Community[edit]

Digit magazine is complemented by the website www.digit.in,[7] where the latest technology news, reviews, and features are published and discussed by the community. Since 2021, the website is among the most viewed technology websites in India, surpassing the popularity of the magazine itself.

Digit organizes technology events to reach technology enthusiasts, channel members, and technology decision-makers. The events can be in the form of consumer expositions, conferences, roadshows, and channel events.

Digit used to conduct webinars occasionally on technology topics such as careers in technology, how to choose your PC components, and interviews with industry leaders.

Digit Squad[edit]

"Digit Squad" is an exclusive group of premier technology enthusiasts in India, who discuss technology-related topics.

Digit awards[edit]

Every year, Digit gives out awards to the best technology brands and products in India.

The Icons of Trust Award is given out every year to the most trusted brand in various technology categories. Icons of Trust 2009[8] was awarded in nine categories:

  1. Cell phones/PDA,
  2. Desktop PCs,
  3. Digital Cameras,
  4. Monitors,
  5. External Storage,
  6. HDTVs,
  7. Laptops and Netbooks,
  8. PMPs,
  9. MFDs/Printers

Zero 1 Awards are announced every December for the best technology products released during the year.

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