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Digital Journal
Web address
Commercial Yes
Type of site
Citizen journalism
Launched 1998
Current status Active
Executives at Digital Journal: David Silverberg, Alex Chumak and Chris Hogg.

Digital Journal is a Canadian Internet news service that blends professional contributions with user-submitted content.[1][2]

Digital Journal began as a technology and gadget magazine in 1998[1] and evolved into a global citizen journalist news hub in 2006.[3][4] The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and shares advertising revenue with citizen journalists who report for the site[5] and it has control mechanisms to ensure content is accurate and well written.[6] Contributors submit a sample of writing and are asked to demonstrate expertise to Digital Journal's editorial board. The company has an assignment desk where contributing journalists are informed of news items ripe for press coverage.[7] The Board of Advisors includes:[8] journalist; Jack Kapica, business executive; Andrew Waitman, law professor; Michael Geist, business executive; Kerry Munro and business executive; Jennifer Evans.

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