Digital Game Museum

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Digital Game Museum
LocationSilicon Valley
TypeVideo Game Museum
AccreditationCalifornia Association of Museums
DirectorJudith Haemmerle
CuratorBen Wilhelm

The Digital Game Museum is a Video Game Museum located in California. As stated on their website, the museum focuses on "artifacts relating to digital games, game development, game design, and gaming culture."[1] Some of the different displays at the museum show case information about Atari, Steve Jobs, Xbox, and Sega Genesis to name a few.[2]

The museum has corporate sponsors that include: Elgato, Perforce, KryoFlux, Dashing Strike Games, Mandible Games, and Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.[3]


The museum features permanent online exhibits and temporary physical exhibits.


  • In 2015 at the California Extreme Classic Arcade Expo, the museum debuted a near-complete cartridge of a canceled Atari 2600 version of Xevious that people could play at the convention.[5] Since the project was abandoned in 1984 this cartridge is the only known surviving version of the game for Atari.[6]


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