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The Digital Government Society or DGS is originally registered in the State of California as The Digital Government Society of North America or DGSNA, but the name has been amended to the Digital Government Society as of October 11, 2013. The Society is an international, nonprofit, professional society devoted to advancing democratic digital government via research, policy, and best practice, including original countries, Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and other countries around the world.

History and purpose[edit]

The organization was founded in 2005. It grew out of the US National Science Foundation's CISE-based Digital Government program. The current and past president of the Digital Government Society include:

The founding members include Yigal Arens at USI/Information Sciences Institute, Eduard Hovy at CMU, Sharon Dawes at University at Albany, Larry Brandt (NSF) and Valerie Gregg (NSF).

The board members are listed here.[1]

Society's mission[edit]

The Society is a global multi-disciplinary organization of scholars and practitioners engaged in and committed to democratic digital government. Digital (or electronic) government fosters the use of information and technology to support and improve public policies and government operations, engage citizens, and provide comprehensive and timely government services. DGS equips its members with a professional support network focused on both scholarship and effective practices that nurture technical, social, and organizational transformation in the public sector. The society welcomes members from all sectors, endorses diverse, multi-, and interdisciplinary research undertakings relevant to both theory and practice, and strongly encourages practitioner-researcher exchanges at local, regional, national, and international levels.


Every year, the DGS hosts dg.o conference, the International Conference on Digital Government Research, which is a premier venue for the Digital Government research community. Current and previous conferences include:


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