Digital Juice (anime)

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Digital Juice (anime)
Genre Psychological, Short subject
Original video animation
Directed by Hiroaki Ando
Osamu Kobayashi
Kôji Morimoto
Hidekazu Ohara
Tatsuyuki Tanaka
Kazuyoshi Yaginuma
Produced by Eiko Tanaka
Studio Studio 4°C
Released January 25, 2002
Runtime 20 minutes
Episodes 6
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Digital Juice is a series of six Studio 4°C shorts collected in January 2002 as a direct-to-DVD package film. Each short is directed by a different director. The shorts deal with a variety of subjects, but they share an emphasis on psychological issues, fantasy, and mystery.

Lords of the Sword[edit]

A 2-minute and 9 second short directed by Hidekazu Ohara, "Lords of the Sword" (圭角, Keikaku) takes place in a town in the Muromachi era, and is characterized by intense action.

Chicken's Insurance[edit]

A 3-minute and 25 second short directed by Hiroaki Ando,[1][2] "Chicken's Insurance" (チキン保険に加入ください) is a CGI animation about chickens and supposedly produced by chickens. The short features the vocal talents of Yūji Ueda who plays the role of Chicken.

Tojin Kit[edit]

A 31-second short directed by Tatsuyuki Tanaka,[3][4] "Tojin Kit" (陶人キット 予告編) represents a portion of preview footage for Tatsuyuki Tanaka's first original manga.

In the Evening of a Moonlit Night[edit]

A 4-minute and 26 second short, "In the Evening of a Moonlit Night" (月夜の晩に, Tsukiyo no Ban ni) represents the directorial debut of Kazuyoshi Yaginuma. A simple tale of a girl and two boys, the short is characterized by intense color.

Table & Fishman[edit]

A 5-minute and 18 second short directed by Osamu Kobayashi, "Table & Fishman" is a love story between a fish-man named Jack (Hisao Egawa) and his companion named Stefany (Yūko Nagashima). After coming upon a symbol for infinity, the two find themselves racing rapidly into the infinite. Along the way they encounter a bewildering variety of fellow travelers including the Great Western King (Hirofumi Tanaka), the Queen of Singer (Yuka Komatsu), the Mini Prince (Tomoko Kaneda), and the mysterious Samu (Keisaku Baba).

The Saloon in the Air[edit]

A 4-minute and 26 second short directed by Kôji Morimoto, "The Saloon in the Air" (空中居酒屋) is set in a saloon floating high in the sky. The story is told from the perspective of Wine-chan and recounts a sequence of events that unfold one strange evening as a number of bizarre characters gather at the saloon. "Aerial Bar" is notably shot primarily in live-action instead of animation as Morimoto is known for.

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