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Digital Life Design (DLD) is a global conference network, organized by Munich-based DLD Media, a company of Hubert Burda Media.

In 2005, Stephanie Czerny founded DLD as an annual conference scheme. Its main purpose is to connect business, creative and social leaders, opinion formers, and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration. Since its first gathering, DLD hosted events in New York City, Beijing, San Francisco, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Munich.[1]

DLD Conference is referred to by the Economist as one of Europe's leading conferences on innovation.[2][3] New-media site Sifted, backed by the Financial Times, recently ranked the event platform as one of "Europe's best tech conferences".[4]

The company's flagship conference, DLD Munich, hosts over 1000 guests from more than 50 countries.[5] The three-day event always takes place in January, right before the World Economic Forum in Davos. DLD's motto, Connect the Unexpected, brings people together from various fields and interests, addressing a wide range of topics such as technology, arts, science and politics, and talking about the future and its implications on today's life.

Past speakers include Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, Yoko Ono, Jimmy Wales, Maria Ressa, Kai-Fu Lee, Francis Kéré, Satya Nadella, Zaha Hadid, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Scott Galloway, Sheryl Sandberg, Margrethe Vestager, Emmanuel Macron and many more.[6]


Stephanie Czerny is the event platform's co-founder and managing director, chaired by Hubert Burda and Yossi Vardi.

Steffi Czerny and Yossi Vardi opening DLD Munich 22

After bringing DLD Conference to life in 2005, DLD Media GmbH has been founded as a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media to expand the brand. Steffi Czerny and Co-Founder Marcel Reichart were named its managing directors. Since then, the company has steadily grown and is now offering various conferences besides DLD Munich around the globe, as well as salons, dinners, lectures, hikes and other events.

All events are by invitation only. However, those interested can apply via the company's website.[7]

Until 2018, the conference's venue was the listed bank building at Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1 (HVB Forum). In 2019, DLD Munich took place at Alte Kongresshalle for the first time.[8]

All talks and sessions can be watched over a live stream.

Each year the slogan of the conference accordingly changes to the dominant theme.

Conference Theme
DLD 2006 No specific theme
DLD 2007 No specific theme
DLD 2008 Uploading the 21st century[9]
DLD 2009 New Realities[10][11]
DLD 2010 Map your Future[12]
DLD 2011 Update your Reality[13]
DLD 2012 All you need is ... Data?
DLD 2013 Patterns That Connect
DLD 2014 Content & Context [14]
DLD 2015 It's Only the Beginning
DLD 2016 The Next Next
DLD 2017 ...what's the plan?
DLD 2018 Reconquer
DLD 2019 Optimism & Courage
DLD 2020 What are you adding?
DLD 2021 What the World Needs Now…
DLD 2022 Reality Rules!?

Aenne Burda Award[edit]

In memory of his mother's entrepreneurial and social commitment, Hubert Burda established the Aenne Burda Award for creative leadership, honoring women with visionary ideas.

Past laureates have been:

Jahr Preisträger
2006 Marissa Mayer
2007 Caterina Fake
2008 Martha Stewart
2009 Esther Dyson
2010 Mitchell Baker
2011 Natalie Massenet
2012 Arianna Huffington
2013 Zaha Hadid
2014 Viviane Reding
2015 Edit Schlaffer
2017 Auguste von Bayern
2018 Rose McGowan
2019 Fatoumata Ba
2020 Maja Hoffmann
2022 Andrea Pfeifer

Media coverage[edit]

DLD is covered and attended every year by over 180 international journalists from opinion forming media such as The New York Times, Economist, Guardian, Fast Company, Fortune, Financial Times, FAZ, FOCUS, Spiegel, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters, Getty, Deutsche Welle, AllThingsD, Huffington Post and TechCrunch.


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