Digital Novel Markup Language

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Digital Novel Markup Language
Original author(s) Karin (Internet name)
Developer(s) J.
Initial release 1998
Stable release 2.24 / 2000
Development status In hiatus
Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Size 3MB
Available in Japanese, English
Type Visual novel engine
License Freeware

Digital Novel Markup Language (DNML) is one of the first scripting language game engines for creating visual novels, also known as interactive fiction games. DNML was developed using C++ by a Japanese programmer known by his or her Internet name, Karin. The programming structure is similar to HTML, which made it easy to produce dōjin games. DNML was succeeded by software like KiriKiri, Nscripter and Ren'Py.

Programming structure[edit]

<plugin src="jpg" name="ifjpegv6.spi">

<plugin src="png" name="ifpng.spi">

font color="#ffffff"  ; font color similar to HTML

<Background Src="G028.jpg">  ; displays background images

<BGM SRC="d-g88.mid"  ;; plays midi files

<Sound src="end.wav">  ;; plays wav file

Outside Japan[edit]

In 1998, J met Karin by looking for resources for the English fan translation of Isaku. He is a co-founder of the dōjin group in the Philippines. He told Karin to introduce DNML outside Japan, and he translated the documentation into English. The project is on long-term hiatus.

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