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Digital Picture Exchange (DPX) is a common file format for digital film work and is an ANSI/SMPTE standard (268M-2003). The file format is most commonly used to represent the density of each colour channel of a scanned negative in a 10-bit log format where the gamma of the original camera negative is preserved as taken by a film scanner. Other common video formats are also supported. DPX provides a great deal of flexibility in storing color and other information for exchange between production facilities. Multiple forms of packing and alignment are possible.

The DPX file format was originally derived from the output file format (.cin) of the Kodak Cineon 'FIDO' film scanner, and has been published by SMPTE as ANSI/SMPTE 268M-2003 (originally was version 1 268M-1994).

Availability of the Official DPX Standard

Availability in Single Copy:

SMPTE has the DPX standard 268M-2003, indexed on page 11 of their standards index (April, 2005)

With Other SMPTE Standards:

SMPTE's website also has information about the ordering of CD-ROMs, which would hold formal copy of the SMPTE standards – surely, including a copy of the DPX 268M-2003 standard itself.

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