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A digital agency is a business that delivers marketing services and the creative and technical development of internet based work products. It helps its customers to engage with their targeted market. In case of a web design or product development company, a digital project can be completed with instructions. But with a Digital agency, the clients get best services in managing the strategies of communication and marketing along with the technical completion of the project.

Services provided range from the general website design, e-mail marketing and micro-sites, etc. to the more specialized such as viral campaigns, pay-per-click ad management, banner advertising, search engine optimization and marketing, podcasting, and front-end development.

Digital agencies offer a full suite of services to help businesses that require a digital presence. Explore each specialty to find how a digital agency can help you. DESIGN; Branding, Prototyping, Content Creation. DEVELOPMENT; Front & Back-end, Content Management, E-commerce, IOS / Android. MARKETING; Strategy, Research, Analytics, and SEO.[1]

Traditional advertising agencies usually collect fees off ad placement instead of the work itself. Digital agencies usually bill their fees through the service time involved in artwork, design, creative and technical services that you hire them to complete.


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