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A digital environment is a simulated "place" made through the use of one or more computers. Records or evidence of an individual's interaction with a digital environment constitute their digital footprint.

Digital communication environments[edit]

Digital communication environments (DCE) are well-known as computer networks. Many digital communication environments contain a central hub which everything is connected to in some form. This hub can be located inside a networking system, or could be referred to as the internet itself.

The digital world includes the sensors that automatically picks up information.

Digital social environment[edit]

Digital social environments (DSE) are well known as social networking sites. Many digital social environments need one central server to distribute information to each of its clients.


Many environments we face can be reproduced in a digital environment, such as an immersive digital environment in which an artificial, interactive, computer-created scene or "world" is created for the user to be placed in. We see most immersive digital environments in theme parks.

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