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IndustryMusical instrument manufacturing
United States
ProductsEffects units
ParentHarman International Industries
WebsiteOfficial website

DigiTech is an American company which manufactures digital effects units.


The company is known especially for its Whammy, first manufactured in 1989, which made foot-controlled pitch shifting effects possible. It is also known for the Time Machine digital delay series and IPS33/IPS33B Smart Shift harmonizers. Since then, the company has expanded into making numerous multi-effects and guitar and amp modeling equipment.[1]

In 2004, DigiTech released an overdrive pedal called the DigiTech Bad Monkey|Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive.[2] In 2016, Digitech introduce the Digitech Trio+, a stompbox that generates combined bass and drum rhythms for any chord progression played into it.[3]

Digitech also produces the RP55 effects processor, which is popular among beginners and amateurs due to its relatively low cost and rich feature set.

DigiTech was acquired in 1990 by Harman International Industries, which later became as a subsidiary of South Korea-based firm Samsung Electronics in 2017.


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