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Other schools in the city are:
Other schools in the city are:
*University of Mindanao (UM-Digos)
*University of Mindanao (UM-Digos)
SCHOOL YEAR 1996-2001

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Map of Davao del Sur showing the location of Digos City

Digos City is a 2nd class city in the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. It is the capital city of Davao del Sur. The city lies on the eastern shores of Davao Gulf on the island of Mindanao. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 125,171 people in 26,306 households.

Digos City is now a part of (Metropolitan Davao) Metro Davao.

In 2000, Digos was converted into a city.[1]

Facts and figures

  • Land area :287.1 km².
  • Total population (As of May 2000) : 125,171
  • Number of households : 29,450
  • Population density : 486/km².
  • Number of barangays : 26
  • Actual revenue (2003) : PhP 490,861,368.26
  • Location : Southern foothills of Mt. Apo


In the early days, Digos was a watercourse, a meeting place of inhabitants belonging to the Austronesians settled along the southern foothills of Mt. Apo. The Digos River meets the Davao Gulf and it is ideal for fishing and bathing.

During the Spanish Era, a group of natives carrying bows and arrows were approached by some Spaniards traversing the very fertile tracks of land in Davao. One Lopez Jaena Pacheco, a conquistador during the administration of Governor Claveria serving as the head of the group, inquired about the name of the place from the barefooted natives. Believing that the Spaniards were asking where they were bound to, the natives answered "Padigos", which means "to take a bathe". Since then the place was identified as Digos.

As a portion of the "food bowl" of the province of Davao del Sur, otherwise known as the Padada Valley, Digos lured many migrants, majority of whom came from the Visayas and Ilocos regions to settle permanently in the area. Before World War II, an enterprising American by the name of N.E. Crumb leased 10.24 km² and transformed the place into an Abaca Plantation. This became the hub of economic activity in the locality during those days.

In 1942, the occupied from the Japanese troops in Digos city.

In 1945, the liberation in Digos city in Southern Davao from the defenders to the Philippine soldiers and the Davaoeno guerillas against the Japanese forces under defeated in the Second World War.

Through the initiation of then Congressman Apolinario Cabigon, Digos, became a regular municipality in 1949 by virtue of Presidential Executive Order No. 236, dated July 19, 1949 issued by President Quirino. Its Coverage included the barrios of Tres de Mayo, Goma Bansalan, Matanao, Darapuay and the Poblacion where the seat of government was located. Before its creation into a municipality, Digos was a barrio of Sta. cruz, a town 16 kilometers away. On 19 July 1949, the town was formally inaugurated with Benito Rabor appointed as Mayor.

Digos in later years, before its conversion into a city, was regarded as the capital town of the Province of Davao del Sur, long before it gained the status of a First Class Municipality in 1993, being center for trade, commerce and education, accruing to its strategic location at the cross point of two principal thoroughfares in the south.

In July 1998, the bid to convert into a city was moved and initiated by Hon. Mayor Arsenio A. Latasa, considering its very satisfactory qualificationas required for in R.A. 7160

House Bill No. 5672 dated November 24, 1998 of Congress authored by Hon. Congressman Douglas Ra. Cagas, led to the drafting of Republic Act 8798, converting the Municipality of Digos into a component City of Davao del Sur, which was signed by President Joseph E. Estrada on July 14, 2000 and ratified by the Digoseños on September 8, 2000.


There are a number of public schools present in this new born metropolis like Ramon Magsaysay Central Elementary School, Don Mariano Marcos Elementary School, and Digos Central Elementary School some of the public schools are situated in barangays and communities.

Digos City has a school named as Digos City National High School formerly, Davao del Sur National High School. As a publish high school, it has a big population of students.In this school, teachers train the students in their Special Science Curriculum (Network). Other public High School were Ruparan National High School, Kapatagan National High School,Igpit National High School and Aplaya National High School is under negotiation.

Another school in Digos City which is popularly known is the POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE OF DAVAO DEL SUR (PCDS) located at MacArthur Highway, formerly located at Estrada St. The graduates from PCDS are very competent and skillfully trained well; especially nurses since PCDS is the pioneer nursing school in Digos City with a level A classification in Davao Medical Center (Located in Davao City) the school administration knows the students' needs and runs the school properly. The school offers the following courses: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BS in Criminology, Nursing Aide, Midwifery, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Sunday High School Program, Assoc. in Radiologic Technology and Caregiver. In the Coming Years, Pcds will be offering allied medical courses such as BS PHARMACY, BS Medical technology, BS Chemistry, BS Physics and other courses like Business Administration, Infotech, Accountancty and education.

There are also private catholic sectarian schools in the city that offers religious education incorporated into its curriculum, Cor Jesu College(Formerly Holy Cross of Digos Boys Department) and HOLY CROSS ACADEMY of DIGOS (Formerly Holy Cross OF Digos for Girls)in which in the future will be name Saint Mary's College of Digos in 2009(HCAD). Cor Jesu College and Holy Cross Academy of Digos Before are just one intity with humble beginning started on 1947 under the administration of the PMI Fathers from Canada. Due to changing time, Holy Cross of Digos were defuse and separated, Holy Cross Academy of Digos was located in Gallarde Street, Digos City under the administration of the Religious of the Virgin Mary or popularly known as the RVM Sisters while Cor Jesu College was under the management of the Canadian brothers known as the brothers of the Sacred Heart. The school have 2 campuses, the main campus is located at the western area of the city at Sacred Heart Avenue and the other one is in power, tres de mayo . The school aims to fully transform a person witnessing the compassionate love of God. It offers Basic Education (Kindergarten, Grade School and High School); College with a wide variety of courses such as Education, Accountancy, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Graduate School, and Sunday College; and Vocational Technology courses such as Mechanical and Automotive Technology, Driving Lessons, and Welding. Every year, it produced hundred of globally competent graduates in different fields of human endeavor. One of its graduates is Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City.

Other schools in the city are:

  • University of Mindanao (UM-Digos)
  SCHOOL YEAR 1996-2001
  • PITS
  • STI
  • Southern Midanao Computer College (SMCC)
  • Adventure College
  • DITE
  • CCS
  • HHTI
  • TDTI

Commerce and industry

There are several rural, commercial, government banks in the city namely:

  • Landbank of the Philippines (Rizal Avenue) (with ATM)
  • Equitable PCI Bank (Rizal Avenue)(with ATM)
  • Metropolitan and Trust Bank (Metrobank) (Estrada Street) (with ATM, Cirrus Maestro)
  • Bank of the Philppine Islands (Rizal Avenue) (with ATM, Cirrus Maestro)
  • Development Bank of the Philippines (Quezon Avenue) (with ATM)
  • Philippine National Bank (Quezon Avenue) (with ATM)
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (Rizal Avenue) (with ATM)
  • One Network Bank (Rizal Avenue) (with ATM)
  • Rural Bank of Digos (Rizal Avenue)
  • Rural Bank of Subang Daku (Estrada Street)
  • Rural Bank Of Tagum (Luna Street)
  • Cooperative Bank of Davao del Sur (Luna Street)
  • Peninsula Bank (PenBank) (Luna Street)
  • Bank of Koronadal (Luna Street)


  • Aplaya Beach
  • Dawis Beach
  • Cogon Beach
  • Badiang Beach

Resto Bar

  • Tops RESTO BAR (A&B Hotel)
  • Laderas Resto Bar
  • d' Garden
  • Station 24
  • Knock-out Bar
  • Adi's Point
  • YS Super Disco

Hotel and Resort

  • Hotel de Crisbelle
  • Pearl Davao
  • Arnaldo's Hotel and Restaurant
  • A & B Hotel
  • Digos Lodge
  • San Vali Mountain Resort
  • Claire John Resort
  • Dantly Resort

Hospitals & Clinics

  • Digos Doctors Hospital
  • Medical Center of Digos Cooperative
  • Gonzales-Maranan Clinic and Hospital
  • Davao del Sur Provincial Hospital
  • Digos City Mission Hospital
  • Davao del Sur Medical Specialist
  • Sunga Hospital Inc.
  • Paulino Hospital Inc.
  • Dominican Hospital Inc.
  • Llanos Clinic and Hospital
  • Masongsong ENT Clinic
  • Villegas Maternity Center
  • Digos Maternity and lying-in Clinic (Monarca)
  • Bethlehem Birthing Home
  • MABINI-MAGSAYSAY Birthing Home
  • Skin and Bones Clinic
  • St.Camillus home fo the Elderly

Fast Food, Snack Inn, Restaurants

Places that you can dine:

  • Jolibee Digos (DC SQUARE)
  • Mcdonald's Digos
  • Goldilocks Digos
  • K F C Digos
  • Dunkin Donuts Digos
  • Chicken Ati-Atihan
  • Big Taste Restaurant
  • Partners Restaurant
  • Mr. Donuts Digos
  • Greenwich Digos
  • Chow King Digos
  • Prangel's
  • Oceanic Restaurant
  • Mers Kitchenette
  • Oriental Hawkers Place

Pawnshops, lenders and financial institutions are largely present in the city.

The only notable industrial corporation in the city is the Nakayama Technology Corporation [1]. It has a tile plant and a computer graphics center. It is a Japanese owned company.

Other industries are also operating in the city in small and medium scale.

Shopping Center

There are some notable places that you can shop:

  • Gaisano Center of Digos (Estrada Street)
  • DC Square Junior (Rizal Avenue)
  • Davao Central Warehouse Club (Makar Road)
  • Novo Department Store (Quezon Avenue)
  • Davao Convenience Store -Rizal Ave. 1, 2: Luna Ext.: Magsaysay St.
  • Happy Place - Rizal Ave. 1, 2.
  • Pasroy Merchandise (Magsaysay Street)
  • R.S. Center Point (Luna Street)
  • DC Square Mall (Proposed)
  • NCCC Mall of Digos (Proposed)
  • Gaisano Mall of Digos (Proposed)
  • U-Well Shopping Center (Proposed)

FM,AM & TV Station

  • Hot FM - FM - Manila Broadcasting Company
  • Radyo Ukay -AM - Univ. of Mindanao Broadcasting Network
  • Channel 11,17 - Community CH./DETALYE News, Chat TV - DCATV Broadcasting Company
  • Heart Radio - FM - Cor Jesu Broadcasting Company (Proposed)
  • Radyo Pulso - AM - Cor Jesu Broadcasting Company (Proposed)
  • Mild FM - FM - Liwayway Broadcasting Network (Proposed)


  • Digos City Public Cemetery- San Jose, Digos City
  • Digos Memorial Park - Tres de Mayo, Digos City
  • Digos City New Cemetery - (Proposed)
  • Kapatagan Public Cemetery

Fiestas and Festivals

  • Sinulog sa Digos - every January 15
  • San Isidrio Labrador - every May 15
  • Mary Mediatrix - every August 22
  • Araw ng Digos - every September 8
  • Padigosan Festival - every July 19
  • Romell Bacongco's Birthday- JANUARY 17

Churches, Formation Center and Monateries

  • Our lady of Peace Monatery(Benedictine-Cogon)
  • Apostolic Daughters of Mary Formation Center
  • St. Benedict's Seminary
  • Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Cathedral
  • San Isidro Labrador Parish Church
  • Our Lady of Mt. Apo Parish
  • Camillian Sisters Formation Center
  • Dominican Sisters of the Trinity House
  • Society of Mary Fathers Formation Center
  • Divine Mercy Shrine

Future Development

  • Digos City Yacht Club (Proposed Area: Old Dawis Wharf)
  • Digos City Domestic Airport (Proposed Area: Tiguman, Digos City)
  • Port of Digos City (Proposed Area: Punta Biao)
  • Digos City Medical Center (Proposed)
  • Digos City Sports Complex (Proposed)
  • Matti National High School (Proposed)
  • Digos City Science National High School (Proposed)
  • City College of Digos (Proposed)
  • Holy Cross College of Digos ( with Consurtium of UIC by RVM Sister)
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish (Proposed Ares: Tres de Mayo)
  • Holy Child of Jesus Parish ( Proposed Ares:Matti)
  • St. Camillus Hospital ( Proposed Ares: Lim Ext)


Digos City is politically subdivided into 26 barangays.

  • Aplaya
  • Balabag
  • Binaton
  • Cogon
  • Colorado
  • Dawis
  • Dulangan
  • Goma
  • Igpit
  • Kapatagan
  • Kiagot
  • Lungag
  • Mahayahay
  • Matti
  • Ruparan
  • San Agustin
  • San Jose
  • San Miguel (Odaca)
  • San Roque
  • Sinawilan
  • Soong
  • Tiguman
  • Tres de Mayo
  • Zone I
  • Zone II
  • Zone III


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