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Digri is located in Pakistan
Location in Sindh
Coordinates: 25°9′20″N 69°6′41″E / 25.15556°N 69.11139°E / 25.15556; 69.11139Coordinates: 25°9′20″N 69°6′41″E / 25.15556°N 69.11139°E / 25.15556; 69.11139
Country Pakistan
Region Mirpurkhas
 • Type Commissioner system
 • Urban 4 km2 (2 sq mi)
 • City 70,000 approximately
 • Urban 50,000 approximately
Time zone PST
Area code(s) 92(0233)

Dhigri (Sindhi: ڊهڳڙي‎) is a town in District Mirpurkhas Sindh, Pakistan.


Dhigri is named after then lived taller lady which was renowned as "dighi" in Sindhi means taller.


Dhigri City has been surrounded by five towns connected to it by five main roads: Tando Gulam Ali deh 164-a (Arain abad), Tando Bhago Road (Baloch Colony Road), Kangora (Mirwah Gorchani Road) (Shajabad ) Almas Town Kot Ghulam Muhammad Road (Jamesabad), Tando Jan Mohammad Road, and Abdullah Jarwar ( Jarwar village).


Dhigri Town is a small town where all communities are living in harmony. They speak languages of each other and every person has his due respect. 70 % population of Digri consists of Arain and Jatt community. Mostly Urdu and punjabi are popular languages of Digri. speaking in the town. In early era of the town committee talpurs were chairing the committee however because of internal strife of Dhigri arounding Sindhi comunties they lost clout to the Mir Hayat Khan Talpur. There was an efflux of educated Lagharis families from Sanghar, Nawabshah, Badin and Mirpurkhas to the Rahim Yar Khan (the border district of the Punjab— where the majority of Doctors and Engineers) serving in government and private sector are still these migrates, WAPDA andPakistan_Railways|Pakistan Railway are not exceptions). Although till now they are in majority in population but this brain drain has caused them irreversible loss.

Balochs and Jadgals are residing in Baloch Colony, Ward No: 9, and few of them in Yousafabad. The Head Of Baloch and Jadgal Community is Sardar Naveed Baloch (District Vice-President of Pakistan People's Party) the son of Martyr Abdul Hameed Baloch (District President of Pakistan People's Party) was a well known personality and social worker in Dhigri city and even in Pakistan People's party. Martyr Abdul Hameed Baloch was nephew of Martyr Seth Abdul Raheem Baloch and cousin brother of Late Seth Umar Abdul Raheem Baloch.

In non-Muslims: Malhi, Darzi community which was basically named after there works in fields as a farmer, but now they are going to education side, from them some are abroad for higher studies, Kolhi a non-Muslim Sindhi tribe is mainly associated with agriculture farming. Meghwar community of Dhigri were previously associated with farming, mason work, dispensary, tailoring but nowadays they are receiving high-class education and serving in good position. In Dhigri mostly the Punjabi families are living in Yosafabad and Ghareebabad colony. Research to Organize Sustainable Empowerment (ROSE) is a not-for-profit organization working for the development of Dhigri.


Livestock and poultry rearing, agricultural farms, transportation are the main sources while more than 20% population rely on Govt and private jobs. Dhigri has got a sugar mill called Dhigri Sugar Mills, which supplies job opportunity to local people. A good job consumption ratio has also been shown by Mirwah Sugar Mills



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