Digvijay Singh Pariyar

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Digvijay Singh Pariyar
Born 24 February 1993
Nainital, Uttrakhand, India
Occupation(s) Singer

Digvijay Singh Pariyar (born 24 February 1993) is an Indian musician and singer. Mostly known for his Bollywood, sufi, semi-classical, classical, folk and Hindi songs, who was also a participant of an Indian television reality show named Dil Hai Hindustani.[1]


Digvijay won various college level singing competitions. He won Antaragni Idol, IIT Kanpur for three consecutive years. After college, he got a chance to show his talent in Benadryl Big Golden Voice by Big FM; where he was the sole contestant selected from Delhi Region to be called to Mumbai for Grand Finale. Being judged by Shankar Mahadevan[2] there, he got selected as a playback singer in upcoming movie for rustic texture in his voice. He was then called to Big FM for interview where he met Salim Sulaiman,[3] who offered Digvijay to work with him in two more movies.



  • Baalgayak Samman
  • Geet Gunjar
  • Awaaz Hindustaan Ki
  • Benedryl Big Golden Voice[5][6]


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