Coordinates: 26°28′04″S 016°01′08″E / 26.46778°S 16.01889°E / -26.46778; 16.01889
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Dicker Wilhelm
Dicker Wilhelm with Wild Horses in front
Highest point
Elevation1,496 m (4,908 ft)
Coordinates26°28′04″S 016°01′08″E / 26.46778°S 16.01889°E / -26.46778; 16.01889
Native nameDikwillem (Afrikaans)
Dicker Wilhelm is located in Namibia
Dicker Wilhelm
Dicker Wilhelm
Position of Dicker Wilhelm

Dikwillem (Afrikaans) or Dicker Wilhelm (German), also known as Garub-Berg[1] or Garubberg, is a mountain in Namibia.[2] With an elevation of 1496 meters and lying within the Namib desert, the mountain is visible from a great distance from all directions. It is about 15 kilometers north of the B4 road and about 80 kilometers east of Lüderitz.

The harsh environment and barren plains around Garub[3] became the habitat of the desert horses of the Namib - descendants from German cavalry horses and adapted to the conditions and dry climate of the desert.

During the time of German colonial empire a heliographic station was operated by the German Schutztruppe on top of Dikwillem.[4]



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