Dil Dil Pakistan

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"Dil Dil Pakistan"
Single by Vital Signs
from the album Vital Signs 1
Released August 14, 1987
Genre Pop/Patriotic
Length 4:28
Writer(s) Salman Ahmad, Shahzad Hasan, Rohail Hyatt, Junaid Jamshed
Producer(s) Shoaib Mansoor
Vital Signs singles chronology
Samina (Instrumental) Dil Dil Pakistan Samjhana

Dil Dil Pakistan (Urdu: دل دل پاکستان‎) is a Pakistani song released in 1987 by the pop band Vital Signs. It was included in the band's debut album Vital Signs 1 in 1989.[1][2]


Dil Dil Pakistan has been hailed as an unofficial national anthem of Pakistan.[2][3]

Music video[edit]

The song's music video was filmed in Pakistani capital, Islamabad. In most scenes of the video, the members of the band are riding bikes or driving a jeep around the city. In one scene, the group is performing on the slope of a small hill. At the end, all of the band members appear in a rather simplistic studio and the video ends after a few seconds.[4][5]


The authorship of the song is disputed. However, a central role was played by is its producer Shoaib Mansoor who is given most of the credit for the production.[6] The artwork of this album was designed by Jaffer Hussain.[citation needed] Lead singer of Vital Signs, Junaid Jamshed tells that the band and the producer were working on a love song but all efforts seemed to be unsuccessful. At last, Shoaib Mansoor abandoned the idea of love song and decided to work on a patriotic one, and as a result Dil Dil Pakistan was created.[2][7]

In popular culture[edit]

In a 2003 BBC World Service international poll of popular songs, Dil Dil Pakistan came third.[3] The song "Dil Dil Hindustan" in the 1990 Indian film Yaadon ke Mausam was inspired by and copied from Dil Dil Pakistan.[8] On 1 January 2014 remake version was made by Sham Idrees featuring Karter Zaher was released. [9]


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